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Beavr's mission is to accelerate companies' transition to more sustainable models.

Beavr develops a platform that enables companies to simplify & automate operations related to CSR, from collecting ESG data (environmental, social, governance) to producing compliant reports and obtaining certifications. We support suppliers of large groups in their CSR compliance.

At a time when demands for non-financial performance are skyrocketing, Beavr streamlines the work of CSR departments by offering them a unique platform to manage all their CSR operations. This allows them to spend less time on low-value tasks (data collection, reporting, formalization) and equips them with expert solutions to better understand and manage their impact.

What they are looking for

Beavr is looking to expand its team to support its rapid growth. We are looking for people who identify with Beavr's mission of helping companies transform and improve their impact 🌿

The profile we are looking is :

  • Curious and open-minded, with a good dose of critical thinking
  • Comfortable in uncertain and ambiguous environments
  • Action-oriented and proactive
  • Autonomous, reliable, and rigorous

Their Values :

  • Excellence: They hold themselves to high standards and expect the same from others.
  • Execution: Every idea deserves to be tested, and every strategy is pointless without the ability to execute it.
  • Kindness: They take care of each other and help each other progress.
  • Balance: Work-life balance is a key dimension at Beavr.

Good to know

At Beavr, humor (especially irony 😉) is an art, and the team is just as serious about their work as they are about not taking themselves too seriously. If you enjoy working in a cheerful atmosphere, you'll fit right in!

They also love outdoor offsites (sea, mountains) and are fans of local products (our regions have talent) 🧑‍🍳

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