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Thibaud spent his 5 years in business school travelling abroad between Toronto, France, Mexico, Spain, and India for his studies and then Haiti to build schools.

Upon his return to France, Thibaud got into e-commerce. For 3 years, his job was to accompany the reconditioning factories to develop their distribution on the web. It was while doing this job, spending time with them, that he realized the fabulous opportunity that repackaging presented.

Passionate about technology, Quentin already repairs computers from a very young age so that he doesn't have to watch these poor machines go to the scrapyard. He coded his first websites in high school and pursued his passion for 5 years at university where he learned to have a 360 vision of a tech project.

At the end of his studies, Quentin meets e-commerce and spends 3 years understanding the information systems of major manufacturers and integrating the APIs of the largest marketplaces in the world. He will work there in binomial with Thibaud and after a praise on the world of repackaging, the Back Market project - codename BADOOM - is launched.

After attending business school, Tony began his professional life at Ubisoft where he discovered working with a development team. He then continued his career at vente-privee where he worked as Product Owner on the creation of mobile applications before becoming Head of Product.

Passionate about the product, organizational issues and the search for meaning in his work, Tony joined the company in September 2017. Every day, his motivation is the same: to make life easier for Back Market users and make it a leading global marketplace!

After her studies as a statistical engineer, Marie joined a consulting firm specializing in customer data analysis for major players in the retail industry. It is within this framework that she will learn the profession of data analyst, a key position enabling the business to improve marketing decisions and accelerate sales development. After 5 years of good and loyal service, she started as a freelance data analyst and moved to New Zealand.

Back in France, she discovers Back Market and starts with enthusiasm in this growing startup where everything has to be built! Arriving as a senior data analyst in September 2018, she quickly took the lead of the BI team with the goal of making data accessible to all for informed and factual decision making.

If you don't find her in Back Market's offices, she is certainly somewhere at the end of the world. Passionate about travel, she leaves as soon as the opportunity arises. Her pleasure? Leaving with her backpack to travel the most beautiful treks and dive into the most beautiful waters on the planet!

Originally from Le Mans and proud holder of a Master's degree in business school, during which he discovered energy issues during an internship at EDF Energie Nouvelles and Areva Wind, Alexis moved into the world of consulting in order to work on major industrial projects. Failed, he is positioned on e-commerce projects at 3 Suisses where he optimizes the Supply Chain and at Nissan Europe where he implements a CRM.

With the desire to get back to a project with a strong societal impact, he leaves after 12 happy months Kurt Salmon to join Back Market and structure the sales effort, in order to offer customers all the reconditioned products they need.

After an engineering school, Nicolas began his career in the world of call centers at Webhelp and discovered the wonderful world of customer service. He then moved into e-commerce by joining Rocket Internet and participating in the launch of Jumia, the African Amazon.

With his "Ops" & e-commerce experience and wanting to get away from Paris, Nicolas then goes to Bordeaux for Cdiscount and starts working on logistics issues in the (huge) warehouses of Cestas. Finally, he takes the position of Operations Manager of the MarketPlace Cdiscount and discovers the concrete aspects of the operational animation of a marketplace.

Based on his past experiences and wishing to live the Back Market challenge, he joins us in August 2017 as Head of Quality. His role is to offer all our customers the best possible shopping experience.

Graduated in Mathematics and then in Human Resources, Albane started her career at Ullink (FinTech startup) where she set up the HR team and associated processes. She then joined Criteo in 2014 to manage the entire Talent team (Recruitment & Business Partner) for Tech (R&D and Product). In 4 years, she contributed to Criteo's rapid growth from 100 to 750 engineers!

She joined Back Market in September 2019 as Chief People Officer, to lead the People team on all HR issues: recruitment, career management, organisation structuring, manager coaching, etc. She is responsible for the development of the company's HR strategy and the development of the HR department.

Passionate about travelling, she has already spent more than 2 years cumulatively visiting a multitude of places around the world, and takes the opportunity to indulge in her two other passions; photography and scuba diving!

Loïck has built his career around the front-end development. Since graduating from HETIC, he worked as a freelancer and in web agencies before realizing he was more interested into working on a single product to iterate on it. Which he did at Dailymotion and BlaBlaCar. He has been working for several years there, learning and improving his tech skills (front & back) across different type of projects (feature, core etc.).

At BackMarket since 2019 as a Front-end Architect, his role is to ensure the tech scalability and the front-end quality of Back Market to match the product & business high ambitions.When he isn’t removing thousands lines of code or writing cryptic stuffs on a whiteboard, he’s usually playing basketball, playing boardgames including lies and betrayals (but always as a good guy) or thinking about where he’s going to eat for the next meal.

After a master's degree at CELSA and a fortunately aborted career in French variety, Vianney became a strategic planner at the BETC agency. For more than 4 years, he worked with large companies and start-ups in the development of their communication strategy.

A fine writer and passionate about the circular economy, Vianney moved to the Philippines when Thibaud and Quentin contacted him to find the identity and voice of Back Market. A skype, a virgin-mojito and a few thousand kilometers later, he's back in France to start the adventure.

Morgane started her career in Aix-en-Provence at as Acquisition and CRM Manager for the French market. After this experience in the south, it is at that she decided to specialize in traffic acquisition by working there for almost 6 years, from Traffic Manager France to Head of Digital Europe.

With this experience she joined Back Market in November 2017 to build a European acquisition team and support unlimited growth!

Graduated from HETIC in 2014 Théotime began his career in New York at Daylimotion as a Python and Go engineer. After a year at Ellevest he came back to France in June 2018 to build and develop the DevOps team in Back Market. Théotime became the Engineering Manager of this team before taking the SRE part as a new challenge.

Passionate about chess Theotime is a formidable opponent for those who dare to compete with him ;)

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Founded in November 2014, Back Market is the number one European (and soon global) marketplace specializing in the sale of fully refurbished tech devices.

Their concept is simple but radical. By helping their customers discover and purchase the highest quality refurbished electronics they are creating an alternative to the mainstream behavior of always purchasing new products. Prolonging the lives of these devices has a significant global impact. E-Waste accounts for 70% of all our toxic waste! By prolonging the lives of kitchen appliances, computers, mobile devices and more, they have already saved 3,766 tonnes of e.waste since 2014 💪

What they are looking for

What are they looking for in each candidate? People that are kind, conscientious, have a great sense of humor, and a lot of zeal. A love for pet rabbits helps too!

Are you ready to find out why their corporate values lead with SABOTAGE 😉!?

Good to know

  • Connect and learn from their founders and your peers with the Monday brief (weekly)/ the Some hands (monthly)/ the All hands (biannually)
  • Have the flexibility to work remotely (up to 2 days a week)
  • Stay active at the office with yoga, cardio training, cardio-boxing, Basketball, ping-pong 🏓, WednesDIY (potery, embroidery…) and Watcheat 🎞🍔 (every month they enjoy one meal and a movie together).
  • Your work will help educate and persuade consumers to give a second life to electronics instead of buying new ones, by ensuring there is no more factual reason to buy new!
  • Join the Back Market team in their fight against planned obsolescence. From 3 founders 5 years ago to now, they have grown to be more than 300 people strong across 4 different offices, and serve 8 different countries (soon to be many more)! Check them out today in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, England, Austria and the US. Boom💥
  • 12 days of "RTT" per year for everyone
  • Parental Act : a full paid one month parental leave for the second parent

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