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Maxime, a graduate of EM Strasbourg and Dublin Business School, began his career as an SAP manager in several companies in the sector. It was in 2014 that he decided to create his own entity, Aymax, initially offering SAP/ERP integration services. Over time, and thanks to the motivation of all the team, Aymax has become a consistent and international D.S.C. with transversal services. A team in the image of its CEO: accessible, agile and efficient. An avid surfer, you will find Maxime on the coolest spots of the west coast where you can chat; between two waves; about modern art, new technologies and business.

Chifaou started at Aymax during her master's degree at Euridis Business School, which she completed as a junior business engineer. That is where she became passionate about the profession with all its tech and commercial dimensions. It is only natural that Chifaou joined Aymax in 2017 for her first contract as a business engineer. She is in charge of prospection, creation of referencing files, tender’s folder, detecting new projects, following the team activities, supporting client, etc. So many tasks that Chifaou always performs with his energy and his representative smile. Passionate of discovery, as she can, she fly away to explore new landscapes and breathtaking hikes! Chifaou also appreciates some chill moment, especially watching Netflix.

Eliott discovered the IT sales job at Euridis Business School during his master’s degree doing in study-work on an outsourcing and support IT company. He came at Aymax as a business engineer in May 2019 to bring his energy and expertise. That where he finds his passion for his job and especially on a society where human proximity is the key. Eliott loves to analyse the impact of his own actions or for the group. The game, the risk and the sharing make part of Eliott’s passions. He finds all that on poker, a game where he will explain to you his best practices, but only after winning!

Yassine was graduated as an informatic engineer at the ENSI (Tunis) in 2013. After many years of experience, he just has joined the Aymax team as a SAP technical consultant in 2015. Thanks to his motivation, he grows quickly and take his responsibility to become our SAP functional Manager. Yassine gets a remarkable teamspirit ! Inspired from his passions, like football and cooking, activities that he shares as much as possible with his best teammate: his son!

Following a master's degree in digital marketing and communication within an IAE, and after several experiences in an agency and at the advertiser, Mathieu took up his duties as a digital communication project manager in 2020. Its role is to promote the brand through various Web marketing levers and establish its branding. A work that he co-manages with a dynamic and complementary team, both from a technical and strategic point of view. Talk to him about music, cuisine and marketing culture, Mathieu will be able to exchange on these topics for hours (but not too much!) and who knows, you may be able to get him his best recipe!


Aymax is a digital service company (D.S.C.) with expertise in consulting, development of digital applications and integration of SAP solutions Specialized in tech, Aymax supports its customers in the technical development, configuration and functional customization of their connected platforms for more flexibility and innovation. Aymax is more than 200 talents present in France, Tunisia, Egypt and Belgium, working on the project or in management, in an agile mode, from the design to the exploitation of its solutions through dedicated technical poles: Digital (Web and Mobile Solutions); ERP (SAP Consulting and Integration); Web (Site Development and Growthmarketing).

What they are looking for

Are you interested in joining a fast-growing tech company that supports your development and offers you the opportunity to express the best of yourself, does it tempt you? Aymax is above all defined by its talents and their skills, where the exchange is put at the center of all attentions, valuing the singularity of each, beyond their technical capabilities. We are looking for passionate people ready to take on new challenges by bringing their vision and know-how within a dynamic company with ambitious projects. Curious enthusiasts, wishing to cultivate their knowledge on all the subjects treated, in the fields of digital and IT.

Good to know

• A transversal management where effective communication is prioritized • Happy at work, Happy candidates and Happy trainees' certifications • Participate in all our events: team dinners, after work, sports activities, etc. • A rooftop with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower (Courbevoie office) • Flexibility on the adjustment of schedules and teleworking • Regular training on new practices and tools • Pronounced taste for Nerf gun©

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