Atomic Digital Design

Atomic Digital Design


Paris, Dubai


Founded by Antoine Vu, winner of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation category at the Pôle Léonard de Vinci 🏆, & Gabriel Picard in 2012, Atomic Digital Design is a pioneering French company in augmented reality.

The company stands out for creating immersive content and captivating experiences on social media and the web, specially tailored for its clients.

Atomic Digital Design offers:

Over 1000 projects completed and more than 10K assets created.

Partnerships across a dozen different industrial sectors, bringing ideas to life.

Participation in over 20 events in France, MENA region, and the United States.

What they are looking for

  • Authenticity, curiosity, boldness, and excellence are at the core of the company culture.

  • Pushing boundaries, assisting brands in embracing these new storytelling formats, and exploring new ways to engage their audiences.

  • Guiding the transformation of the physical and digital world & contributing to shaping the future of augmented/mixed reality.

Good to know

Our portfolio includes global brands from various sectors such as Adidas, Cartier, Coca-Cola, Orange, Dior, Disney, Renault, Lacoste, Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more.

🚀 Atomic Digital Design is proud to be among the leading global partners of platforms such as Snapchat, META, and 8th Wall !

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