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Arturia designs musical instruments and software for musicians and producers, professionals and beginners alike. Its mission is to make music creation accessible to everyone through technology, and to offer the most intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Arturia started its journey in 1999 with the recreation of legendary analog synthesizers in software form, which then led to developing a full range of hardware synthesizers and contemporary audio tools. The products rely on innovation to offer a daring, accessible, fun, and inspiring approach to sound exploration.

Arturia is growing and now employs over 130 passionate people located in France, the USA, Hong-Kong, Mexico, and the UK. Arturians share an ambition for excellence, values such as transparency and simplicity, and a culture of celebration around successes.

What they are looking for

Energetic, proactive, daring and creative individuals to ceaselessly invent new solutions and answer the users' needs.

Passionate characters and detail-oriented candidates to reach the company’s quality goals.

Technical profiles for the R&D team, as well as talents for the other teams: product management, marketing, customer service, sales, finance, IT, HR, quality.

Candidates open to work in an international context, using English on a daily basis.

Good to know

  • Every staff member may propose ideas for new products; some of Arturia's most famous products were born that way
  • Regular workshops open to all in order to develop your understanding of the music industry, technologies or general knowledge Yearly staff seminar, for everyone to get together and align on shared goals
  • Monthly General Meeting for all staff to know what's going on within the company
  • Modern offices in the French Alps, with stunning views on the mountains
  • During your lunch break, feel free to propose activities or to join an existing group to go running or skateboarding, to practise yoga, to play badminton, volleyball, spikeball or a game of Counter Strike, or to play music of course!

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