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Aqemia is a next-gen pharmatech company generating one of the world's fastest-growing drug discovery pipeline. Their mission is to design fast innovative drug candidates for dozens of critical diseases. What sets them apart is their unique quantum and statistical mechanics algorithms fueling a generative AI to design novel drug candidates. The disruptive speed and accuracy of their technology platform allows them to scale drug discovery projects as technology projects.

What they are looking for

They wish to expand at a rapid pace by hiring the most demanding, curious, and dedicated "problem solvers" to develop future drugs.

Aqemia is hiring in all teams:

  • Drug Hunters: diverse profiles in the field of Chemistry including biochemistry, computational, medicinal, or theoretical chemistry
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science & Data Engineering
  • Software Engineering: all-purpose python to cloud computing experts
  • Project Leaders: track record of managing fast-paced projects

They are looking for people sharing the same values as theirs:

  • Ambition & willingness to make an impact: They strive to use their unique science to discover new therapeutic molecules to improve patients lives.
  • Curiosity & multi-disciplinarity: They are genuinely interested in working with people from diverse backgrounds. That's how together, they'll invent the best molecules.
  • Progression & feedback: They challenge and solicit feedback from each other to constantly improve.
  • Scientific approach & rigor: They maintain high scientific standards in all their projects and research.

Go on their website to find out more and contact them at!

Good to know

Their backgrounds are diverse and varied, they come from all walks of life and collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner to pursue a common goal: to find drugs faster.

Aqemia's team is international with many nationalities working together.

They work in amazing premises overlooking beautiful views of Paris and adjacent to the renowned French hospital, Necker. However, should you need extra time to reflect and reset they do offer remote-work option up to 2 days a week.

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