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Behind our ASO tool, there is a team of talented and motivated people. Each one of them contributes in their own way to the success and growth of the company! 

As a company, our mission is to make sure to offer the best working environment where everyone can develop themselves and feel that they belong. We welcome everyone, regardless of their gender, origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

Employee breakdown

  • Tech: Product, Developers, Data Science, Design


  • Customer Journey: Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, ASO consultants


  • HR/Finance


L'équipe Busines

The Customer Journey team’s mission is to attract, sign, equip and empower AppTweak’s customers with the support, tools, and guidance they need in order to exceed their ASO and growth goals. At AppTweak, customer relations are central. Once customers subscribe to AppTweak, the biggest is yet to come.

We believe that building long-term relationships with our customers is key in order to expand our industry’s knowledge, improve our product and identify new expansion opportunities.

We are looking for people eager to learn new things every day, people with a growth mindset. We do not only wish to implement what they have learned in their daily work but are also eager to share their knowledge internally.

Olivier, CEO

What I truly enjoy here at AppTweak is that I have to get to work with smart people from different cultures and various backgrounds. I learn on a daily basis from the team, from our clients, and from our partners.

Michael, Head of International Growth

Apart from working, my favorite thing about AppTweak is the Culture. It’s a big reason why I’ve joined and definitively why I’ve stayed, even though we’ve grown from 50 to over 90 people in the 2 years I’ve been there.

Georgia, Product Marketing Manager

AppTweak has undoubtedly helped me to grow both professionally but also personally. I have acquired many new skills that help me in my everyday life.

Laurie, CRO


The Tech department is split into cross-functional teams (squads) that have full ownership and autonomy over a specific area of the AppTweak tool. Their role is to develop a cutting-edge product, build new features and improve the existing ones, so as to constantly deliver value to our clients. They aim to make the AppTweak product the best App Store Acquisition Tool. 

ASO is a very new world and as a market leader we need to keep innovating at a fast pace to keep our lead and retain our position. We need to adapt to changes and identify new opportunities when they arise.

Alexandre, CTO

I’m proud to be part of an environmentally and socially responsible company. It’s not just about profit anymore, it’s about redistributing to society and having a positive impact on the world.

Florentin, Product Manager