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Product team

The Product organization understands what customers need and build solutions to solve their needs. Team members:

  • Talk with customers constantly
  • Look at data to gather more insights on what works and what doesn't
  • Build a roadmap for their area of scope
  • Design the features
  • Work with the tech team to implement them
  • Look at their performance and iterate

What's unique about them?

  • They're remote first across Europe. Whereas a big chunk of the team is in Paris, they have team members in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain...
  • They're bottoms-up. Every team is in charge of coming up with their roadmap. The leadership will challenge it, but doesn't hand off what they need to do.
  • They're transparent. They share the strategy openly, they debate it, they say what they know and don't know, and go from there.
  • They have a bias for action. Once they have enough data points to think an initiative is worth it, they jump in and do it.
  • They're growing extremely fast. The team of product-tech went from about 12 to over 60 in 4 months. they aim at getting to 300 in 2022.
  • They're ambitious. They have a trillion-dollar market in front of them, and they have a chance at winning in it. They do everything they can to make that happen.
  • Meet Shreef, Lead Product Manager
Meet Shreef, Lead Product Manager

Meet Shreef, Lead Product Manager

He comes from Egypt, but he currently lives and work in Amsterdam. As the Lead Product Manager of the ordering experience, he works with his team on designing and building new technology solutions that help make it super easy to buy and sell on Ankorstore. He loves working at Ankorstore because they have a great vision that he believes in, and a team of very talented people to make that vision come true.


Ankorstore is on a mission to rewild retail.

With decades of experience in retail and building marketplaces, in 2019 the Ankorstore founding team knew it was time to create a global wholesale solution – one that swings the balance in favour of independents and restores retail to its natural order. They’ve created a new ecosystem that harnesses the power of modern technology to create a mutually beneficial community that reinvents the way brands and retailers work together. As a result, wild independents can thrive.

What they are looking for

Ankorstore is a team made up of diverse individuals with one important thing in common – ambition. Their aim is to help you unleash your talent and continually develop as you strive to be your best.

You’ll have the opportunity to grow in your role, get a promotion, and even move locally or internationally. Ankorstore leadership has an entrepreneurial mindset and love when their teams take big risks and make radical choices. They’re scaling fast and looking to grow their team with world-class candidates that support their vision of rewilding retail!

Good to know

Ankorstore is the largest (and fastest growing!) community of independent brands and retailers across Europe. They’ve grown to a diverse team of over 600 employees operating across seven offices worldwide, and they’ll grow even more in 2022. After fundraising in January 2022, taking their total funding to €365 million, Ankorstore is thrilled to have achieved “unicorn” status in just two years.

Ankorstore’s sales volume increased by 950% between 2020 and 2021. More than 11,000 brands registered in 2021 for a total of 20,000 brands today on the platform selling more than 1 million unique products.

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