Senior commercial

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Experience: > 10 years


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Job description

As a senior commercial professional, you will be in charge of the development, execution, and implementation of go-to-market and sales strategies of our Value Proposition in the Industrial market segments. This includes:

● Setting and achieving annual sales objectives for targeted market segments;

● Identifying different customer categories within targeted segments and sales channels;

● Adjusting when required sales processes and materials;

● Tracking and driving the sales pipeline;

● Reporting progress and achievement internally on a regular basis (to your line manager – Chief of Operations & Market – as well as to the Executive Committee and/or Board);

● Overseeing potential future hiring and managing the resultant team.

In close collaboration with the R&D and Technical Operations teams, you will ensure seamless alignment between product development, commercialization efforts, and sales initiatives. Your leadership will be instrumental in driving revenue growth, and your responsibilities extend to proposing and executing business development and pricing strategies that align with organizational objectives.


● Develop, implement and execute international business development and pricing strategy for our Value proposition for selected market segments and within available budget

● Proactive prospection to develop and maintain lead pipeline

● Proactive development of a deal pipeline, managing the internal assistance of the Sales Technical Support team

● Forecast and achievement of quarterly and annual sales targets through negotiations and deal closing

● Oversee CRM and sales administration for selected market segments, including billing and contractual obligations.

● Existing client base fidelization and upsell, securitization of key account management (KAM)

● Representation in selected external opportunities (ex: trade show, conference)

● Performance monitoring on sales and revenues through KPI, reporting to Chief of Operations & Market

● Deeply understand, synthesise, and efficiently communicate market conditions (e.g., customer needs, competitor activities) in support of go-to-market and sales strategy development.

● Create a culture of structured experimentation, iterating and pivoting that implements usage of cross-channel data and insights to drive growth.

● Evaluate sales effectiveness by identifying and interpreting key metrics to improve performance such as shortening deal cycle times or improving forecasting accuracy.

● Generate and maintain relevant professional network within targeted segment

Preferred experience

This position requires a high level of experience and professionalism. We are looking to recruit an expert in B-to-B sales with at least 10 years of experience in the food industry, with proven experience introducing novel ingredients to market and existing networks in the industry. A background in startups and the bakery and patisserie industries are a plus.

At the same time, this role is for a startup-oriented mindset and a tangible capacity to operate independently, much like a proficient hunter who is ready to roll up its sleeves and do the ground level work such as outbound sales, negotiations and closing while setting strategy, building up and managing a team.


● 10+ years of experience in the food ingredient, consumer packaged goods, and/or foodservice industry with significant experience in sales.

● Proven expertise in strategic market introduction.

● Advanced knowledge of B2B ingredient sales.

● Extensive knowledge of market research and analysis tools and using them to drive sales insights

● Strong experience in organisational leadership, budgeting, and metrics-driven sales reporting

● Ability to create maximum impact with limited resources. Prior experience delivering results in a fast-paced startup environment is highly desirable

● Mastery of computer and digital tools

● Fluent in written and spoken French and English

● Excellent communication and leadership skills

Recruitment process

Preselection: Candidates are chosen based on their qualifications.

Meeting with Clémence LANFRY our Chief of Operations and Markets, to assess suitability.

Additional evaluation by another member of the COMEX.

Final discussions with our CEO followed by decision-making.

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