Active Control Laws Specialist
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Active Control Laws Specialist

  • 25, Rue Marius Terce, Toulouse, 31300
  • Fixed-term / Temporary (18 months)
    Occasional remote
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    Founded in 2017, Airbus UpNext is actively shaping the future of aerospace by using demonstrators to evaluate, mature and validate new products and services.

    Designed as a talent incubator, Airbus UpNext is a place where you can act and think like a startup while building on the strong expertise of Airbus, a place where you are empowered to challenge and test new processes and ways of working.

    Our purpose is:

    • To identify the trends that could disrupt the future of the aerospace industry and evaluate them to demonstrate their potential as a viable product.
    • To accelerate traditional research cycles and prototype development to achieve proof of concept in a real environment and at a convincing scale and speed.
    • To develop real-world applications for emerging aerospace technologies, thereby driving their maturity and increasing their value.
    • To be THE reference for Technology Value Assessment

    Our Values: #Keep it Simple #Be Audacious #Exploring Together
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    Job description

    Airbus R&T in the wing perimeter has focused a lot in the past years on the structural and industrial aspects, resulting in the Wing of Tomorrow concepts and ground prototypes.

    eXtra performance WING, an Airbus UpNext demonstrator, is using disruptive wing technologies focusing on wing performance and need acceleration or feasibility demonstration. Our purpose is to fly a remote controlled business jet, flying subsonic, at classical Airbus aircraft altitudes, with a scaled wing heavily instrumented. 

    The opportunity of a Active Control Laws Specialist has risen within the team eXtra performance WING. It consists of a fixed-term contract on an estimated 1 year and a half long project, based in Toulouse.


    You will work within the Overall Systems Design team, and your responsibilities will be:

    • Support the definition of new active control laws, such as:

      • Maneuver Loads Alleviation and Gust Loads Alleviation of the wing

      • Active Flutter Control 

      • Loads Protected Aircraft

      • Performance optimisation 

    • Contribute to the definition of the systems  interfaces and monitoring linked to the active control laws

    • Implementation of the new active control laws on the flight control and data fusion computers. For this the candidate should be able to use specification tools such as Matlab Simulink. 

    • Validation of the new active control laws through various tools and models (mainly OCASIME) 

    • Contribution to the Permit to Fly dossier preparation.

    • Validation and verification of the new active control laws during flight tests.

    Preferred experience

    Your Boarding Pass:

    • At least 10 years experience in the Flight controls laws development as well as validation and verification of the software

    • Knowledge of the overall flight control system. 

    • Able to take initiatives to propose simpler and efficient ways of working

    • Autonomy, Adaptability, Availability, Accountability

    • Enjoying working in an international, diverse and geographically located team

    • Sharing the values of transparency, courage, humility, empathy

    • English is mandatory

    • Eager to step out of the comfort zone

    • Willing to have fun

    You will be working within the Overall systems design team and working very closely with the classical laws, flight control systems team as well as the OAD teams.

    Airbus Upnext
    Airbus Upnext

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