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Tomáš has been working at 4flow as an Analyst since July 2022. The centre of his work is business intelligence. He is currently dealing with an important global topic that affects current logistics, namely the calculation of CO2 emissions. In addition, he is also working on improving the quality of data in client networks and finding financial savings.

He decided to join the company because of his focus on project management and data analysis. Advantage was also international communication, where on a daily basis he has the opportunity to cooperate with colleagues from France, Germany, Brazil or China. At the same time, he liked the open, relaxed and honest company culture. He likes to play board games with his colleagues once a week after work and is also part of the team that organizes summer and Christmas company parties.

Petr joined the student ranks of 4flow in May 2023. He is part of the Freight Cost Management team, which is focused on the management of transport costs, where he deals with the processing of complaints from our suppliers. As a university student, he was particularly interested in the job because of the flexibility in planning working hours with regard to the school schedule and exam period.

During the interview at the company, he had the opportunity to meet the managers of the financial and operational team, and after learning about their work, he could choose one. Ultimately, given his skills and previous experience, he decided to join the finance-focused team.

At present, he is already working on the project mostly independently, where he gradually learns to understand the individual procedures for its correct fulfillment. His colleagues actively support him and teach him individual steps for the smooth running of the project.

Laura joined the company in 2020 as a Freight Cost Specialist. She was attracted to the 4flow company by the positive attitude of the employees, the friendly and at the same time responsible way of working. During the recruitment process, she had the opportunity to meet colleagues from across the company locally and abroad.

Her job is to manage costs during the transportation of orders. She is in daily contact with the customers as well as with carriers, who she also trains on how to work with the systems, to make it easier for the customers processing of reports.

On her team, she greatly appreciates good cooperation, mutual understanding and the offer of a helping hand whenever a key work task arises.

Adéla has been part of the 4flow team since 2020, having joined the company already while studying at university. After her successful graduation, she decided to join full-time as a Logistics Specialist.

Currently, she works as a Logistics Coordinator. In addition to solving technical problems, distributing daily tasks to her colleagues, she is the main contact for sea freight. As a coordinator, she also takes care of the student team, to whom she can give valuable advice from her own experience.

The corporate values of openness and a friendly approach in the workplace are the closest to her, as well as mutual equality and the opportunity for personal development for all employees.

Denis has been a dedicated 4flow member since 2016. He is based in Frankfurt, Germany, but commutes several times a month to see his Pilsen team. He started as a Supply chain Analyst, and thanks to his commitment to individual development, he worked his way up to the position of a manager.

As Transport Manager Operations, he is responsible for the organization and management of transport in the automotive sector as well as for Customer Relationship Management. For this purpose, he and his team manage over one thousand orders worldwide every day. They are currently facing the challenge of making transportation processes more efficient following the ever-increasing production of new car models.

The 4flow company impressed him with its values, flat organizational structure and growth potential. Although he communicates with his team primarily online, he greatly values the time spent in person with his colleagues in Pilsen.

4flow is a global firm

4flow is a German company based in Berlin, currently operating on 4 continents and in more than 20 countries. It provides consultancy services, software, as well as direct management and supply chain and logistics coordination. More than 1,200 team members use their expertise and IT know-how to provide ourclients with innovative and optimal solutions.

The Pilsen team focuses on 4PL logistics services, which means it does not own the required warehouse spaces or transport networks, but rather takes over the processes related to the management of their suppliers on behalf of the customer and ensures maximum quality of the service and fulfilment of targets, especially in the area of transport.

Become a 4flower!

4flow gives space and opportunity to both experienced professionals and students who are ideally looking for an environment to pursue their career following graduation. It provides growth opportunity to any employee who is interested and willing to work on themselves, whether in a specialist-expert role or in a role that involves responsibility for leading a team.

It offers a challenging job that allows everyone to learn lots of new things and quickly take on responsibility. Another great benefit is the opportunity to put your foreign language skills to an actual use, our employees being deployed in an international team environment on a daily basis.

What you should know

4flow is an innovative company that not only focuses on logistics and its employees, but also on sustainability in general, both in the field of environment and social responsibility.

The company actively contributes to reducing its carbon footprint. It takes part in the Friends Kinderhilfe and Cities without Hunger projects, donating to the World Wildlife Federation on each anniversary of 4flower. The local team in turn supports activities such as Good Angel and contributes a regular Christmas collection to a selected charity project.

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