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A culture of trust 🤝

  • Responsibility: When you arrive, we’ll roll out an onboarding red carpet of support, but as soon as you’re ready, we’re eager to let you take ownership of your work.
  • Transparency: We make information and people are accessible. We also seek out the opinions of new employees from the start of their time with us to establish a healthy and sincere exchange.
  • Work-life balance: Our work is a marathon, not a sprint. That means we take time to take care of ourselves and you’ll never be asked to work on evenings and weekends.
  • Workplace flexibility: In the office or working remotely from home or elsewhere, you decide where you feel comfortable.

A mission we live ⚡️

  • Our corporate mission is to grow the careers of our 100,000 users in an ethical manner, i.e. without discrimination and regardless of gender, age or origin. We take this same mission to heart with the development of our own people too.
  • Personalised support for career growth: We have set up a grid of expectations for each of the company's positions and schedule regular check-ins between personal ambitions and professional objectives. We also offer a variety of tools for increasing skills (training, coaching, entry to meetups, books).

Benefits 🌟

  • Fair and competitive remuneration that is discussed every year.
  • Social benefits according to your country of residence: health care coverage, sustainable transportation allowance, remote work allowance, meal allowance (Swile), parent support (paid sick child days, one month parental leave after birth, free health care coverage of children)
  • Flexible hours: Everyone manages their workload as they see fit, respecting their responsibilities and rest/disconnection times.
  • Work equipment: Latest generation computer, work phone (for applicable roles)
  • Company events: Regular team building activities among colleagues, off-sites four times a year including a destination work retreat once a year.

A healthy working environment 🌸

  • Comfortable offices with different working spaces available
  • Flexible working hours and frequent teleworking
  • Various annual employee satisfaction questionnaires and requests for feedback on training, well-being at work, workload, etc.
  • Tested and approved collaboration tools
  • Extra-professional activities: group sports classes, regular happy hours

Recognition 🫶

  • Culture of freedom of expression, listening, initiative-taking and team spirit
  • Celebration of individual successes via Slack channels and communication on achievements via short presentations in front of the company.
  • Celebration of personal life: birthdays are celebrated, and funds are organized for births and departures

Career development

As a scale-up in full growth mode, 365Talents offers varied development opportunities. Always aligned with our employees’ interests, we encourage both vertical and lateral growth, as much towards deepening business expertise as towards managerial responsibilities. What is important is the alignment between what the employee knows how to do, what they want to do and the company's needs. With the doubling of the team this year, the prospects for development will continue to grow

Testimonial from Kevin, Web Engineer

"First quarter of 2017, I arrived at 365Talents as a web developer just after graduating from computer science school. I was junior at the time, I wanted to learn, develop and work in a team. I was very well-served in that goal! For several years I contributed to the development of new features of our product, which included doing design and implementing solutions that can be complex. But also participating in the implementation of new processes following the growth of the company. 5 years later I was looking for new challenges. After determining what I would like to do, 365Talents offered me the opportunity to move into a manager position, a challenge I'm looking forward to!"

I was lucky enough to be able to move to another position at 365Talents (and yes, we don't just sell internal mobility, we practice it!), which was a real step forward in my career. Management is very attentive, all I had to do was talk about it and 6 months later, I was starting a new adventure!

Marie, PO


The tools used to develop skills must be adapted to the people. This is why at 365Talents we have several ways of supporting employees:

  • Training and coaching, both face-to-face and off-site, with a good dose of practical examples
  • Professional events, to exchange views, improve your network and discover new technologies and trends
  • Books and magazines to go deeper into the topics
  • Peer-to-peer learning, when people have mastered a subject and want to share their knowledge with the team And if you want to train yourself, we accept contracts at 80% of the working time. This leaves you time for your personal, associative or sporting projects...

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

In order to maintain the cohesion of the group and strengthen the links between the employees, we punctuate our professional lives with good times:

  • Frequent breakfasts
  • Communal lunches
  • All-hands meeting every Wednesday to bring together the whole company so that we don't miss anything
  • Happy hours
  • Game nights
  • Sports/wellness sessions
  • 4 corporate events per year, which bring the whole company together every quarter to celebrate our successes. This includes a 3-day retreat to a surprise destination.