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360Learning is a Collaborative Learning platform trusted by 1,200 customers worldwide including LVMH, AXA, Lego & Criteo. Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Hernandez, Guillaume Alary-Raisonnier & Sebastien Mignot, 360Learning has raised $50 Million and currently employs 160 team members across offices in New York, London & Paris.

Workforces leverage their Collaborative Learning platform to easily create, consume and engage with courses, providing valuable feedback to course creators. Trainers & leadership use their advanced analytics to track course completion rate, identifying opportunities to improve courses to better meet the needs of their workforce. By detecting, enabling & rewarding the 5% of employees who stand out as knowledge-sharing champions, 360Learning transforms companies into learning organizations.

By putting continuous learning at the core of how they operate, 360 Learning has created Convexity, a new organizational structure which creates exponential impact by design. They strive for total empowerment, where every team member has true autonomy over a clearly defined scope with quantifiable goals, replacing authority with full accountability. By defining where & with whom you interact, Convexity promotes a flexible work lifestyle, in which team members choose where, when and how they work.

What they are looking for

360Learning knows it well: the mindet is more important than the skills, which can be acquired. The startup is first and foremost looking for rational, transparent and benevolent performers, capable of being totally autonomous within their scope and prioritizing their actions accordingto their ROI.

Good to know

Many advantages if you are hired:

  • Work in a spectacular mansion in Paris, in superb locations in New York and London
  • Attend regular parties, with free cocktails and beers
  • Disconnect during yoga and meditation classes, and take advantage of a sports coach
  • To gather best practices through conferences regularly organised internally
  • Work remotely whenever you want, choose your schedules

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