Christophe Nguyen

Occupational psychologist, teacher at the IAE (Lyon School Of Management) and speaker.

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Quality of Work Life
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Mental Health
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While HR acronyms confound those outside the field, Christophe Nguyen handles them with the dexterity of an office expert. Specialist language aside, this occupational psychologist is committed to making the discussion about workplace issues accessible to all. With both a master’s in Human Resources Management from ESSEC and a master’s in Occupational Psychology, he began his career in employer branding and corporate skills management. After years of delivering psychosocial risk diagnoses and training to professionals, Christophe co-founded Empreinte Humaine, a consulting firm specialised in occupational health. His work aims to help decision-makers develop psychosocial risk prevention policies and prevention policies for promoting the Quality of Life at Work. With Welcome to the Jungle, he’s on a mission to help explain the latest trends in mental health and wellbeing at work.

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