David Blay

Journalist, consultant in teleworking, lecturer and podcast host.

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David Blay loves to tell stories. Especially if he can talk about sports, teleworking and digital transformation. After completing a degree in journalism by distance learning, he began a career in communications, with a focus on helping elite athletes andcompanies get media exposure. His passion for communication led him to become a sports commentator, a columnist and director of strategies and content in Spain and Latin America, all of which he still does. For many years, Blay has watched the corporate world change and freelancers become key players in the job market. Long before the pandemic, he was convinced of the importance of teleworking. So in 2014, he published an article entitled, “Why not let us work from home?” This article laid down the foundations of what is today La Escuela de Trabajo Remota (The Remote Work School) in Tenerife, which he co-founded during the first coronavirus lockdown. Blay is clear: now is the time to teach skills from the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom. Despite his busy career, Blay is a champion of work-life balance. In his latest book, El Viaje delequilibrista (The Journey of the Tightrope Walker) (2019), published together with Daniel Abad Casanova, he explains some keys to pursuing our goals while achieving long-awaited balance.

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