Welcome to the Jungle Releases its Own Font: Welcome Font

Sep 19, 2019

Jérémy ClédatLab expert

Cofondateur et CEO de Welcome to the Jungle, spécialiste de la marque employeur et du recrutement

Have you ever noticed that the way you speak is an inseparable part of your identity? Isn’t your tone, your intonation or your accent a clue to your persona, differentiating you from others?

At Welcome to the Jungle, we believe the answer is yes! As a brand, this philosophy applies to us too: both our tone and editorial line define our personality. This is why we decided to create our own font this April—Welcome Font—to reinforce our identity. And you’re actually reading this article in our new font right now!


Violaine & Jeremy, a French graphic arts studio, is the creative mind behind this new font that carries our words. This is not the first time we’re collaborating with the talented duo—they’ve helped us design our global visual identity.

Our aim was to create a font well suited to all our formats (web, print, video and events), in all the countries where we are based. And so, Violaine & Jeremy designed diacritical signs and marks to complete the Latin alphabet. This makes the typeface legible in France, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


This new, intentional step is coherent with the goals that have driven us since day one. As a media company focused on the subject of employment, our ambition has always been to explore the world of work, in all its forms. And this is why we want to support everyone in their professional development. To achieve this goal, it was important for us to offer a smooth and enjoyable experience, in addition to providing content that we hope is relevant and inspiring. Now, we are proud to present the unique Welcome Font typography. We hope that it will strengthen the link we have with you, our readers.

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