Lucien a commencé à développer sur iPhone en septembre 2011, alors fraichement diplômé de l’EFREI. Il a travaillé pour 2 startups avant Yubo, toutes 2 spécialisées dans la création musicale. Durant ces expériences il a pu sans cesse évoluer et apprendre à maitriser l’ensemble l’écosystème iOS.

Aujourd’hui, chez Yubo, il transmet son expérience à son équipe afin de rendre l’app iOS la plus plaisante possible pour les utilisateurs de Yubo.

Passionné par les sciences et les langues dès son plus jeune âge, Arthur obtient un bac S section Polonais et Mathématiques avec mention très bien au lycée international de Saint Germain en Laye. Il enchaine avec une prépa Mathématiques et Physiques au lycée Louis Le Grand où il découvre les joies de l’informatique. C’est au cours de ses études d’ingénieur à l’école Centrale Paris qu’il rencontre Sacha et décide en collaboration avec Jérémie de créer leur startup à la fin de leurs études. En tant que CTO de Yubo, sa vision est de définir et mettre une infrastructure technique robuste pour accompagner la croissance de l’entreprise tout en permettant à chaque membre de l’équipe tech de se développer et grandir conformément à la stratégie et la culture de l’entreprise.

Sacha a toujours voulu entreprendre. Avec Jérémie, il lance sa première application à l’âge de 18 ans, en parallèle de ses études à Dauphine. Il intègre ensuite Centrale Paris, où il fait la rencontre d’Arthur, qui les rejoint pour la création d’une deuxième app. Passionnés par les app consumer et toujours avec l’envie d’améliorer les interactions et les connexions entre les gens, ils créent tous les trois yubo en octobre 2015.

En tant que CEO, le rôle de Sacha est de piloter la stratégie globale de l’entreprise en d’en définir la vision.


Yubo is a live social discovery app launched in 2015, with the ambition to create a space where Gen Z can belong, feel safe and make friends. With more than 70 million users worldwide across 140 countries, we celebrate the true essence of being young, and make it easy to connect with others wherever you are.

We are a French Tech company, part of the Next120, and our mission is to inspire and enable a new generation to find out about the world and themselves. Yubo’s business model is different from other social networks: in-app purchases and subscriptions. Yubo’s growth relies on paid UA, not virality.

Our objective is to become the safest social app in the world. Indeed, as leading platform for young people to socialize online, we have a special responsibility towards our community to building a safe digital space, and we take it very seriously. Safety is at the core of our DNA, and we have developed and implemented a wide range of safeguards in the app. We also work closely with the broader technology industry, NGOs and charities to create industry-leading child protection standards.

We really have a proactive approach to protect, support and educate. Since 2020, we are scaling and expanding internationally, and we recently opened our offices in NYC, London and Milan. Join our team of 200 colleagues working from all over the world!

What they are looking for

Our team includes creatives, engineers, marketers, data scientists, safety and privacy specialists. We are scaling today, but our priority is to keep our agility and fast iteration processes.

We hire everywhere around in the world, and look for skillsets and personalities at the cutting edge of our industry.

We look for new collaborators that share our mindset :

Inventiveness: we always hack our way to solve problems

Velocity: we like to move fast in the right direction

Excellence: always striving for the best

Leadership: being able to drive, influence and inspire And team players of course: making your best as a team If you are passionate, want to have an impact and bring your ideas to shape the Social Media environment of tomorrow, Yubo is waiting for you !

Good to know

Competitive salary packages based on your skillset and impact in the organization BSCPE for everyone Well being policy to create the best working environment: Health insurance covered at 100%, Flexible hours, Full remote policy, Sport private gym and classes

Extra perks: Working from home allowances, Holiday allowance, Transportation fees covered, extra offered days off Parent friendly environment: parental act (40 days of parental leave fully paid), nursery

Equal gender Act : French Tech involvements to make men and women equal at work

Events : Getaways, team buildings, offices parties, aromatic gardening, conferences at the office.

Way of working: Full transparency given on Yubo’s strategy to make sure everyone is aligned and can be autonomous in daily delivery and projects

Cooptation bonus: we believe good people know good people. We encourage and reward our colleagues to recommend new teammates to join the adventure We always look for improving our benefits with innovative initiatives for our team.

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