Data Analyst - Internship - Paris


Data Analyst - Internship - Paris

  • Stáž (5 až 6 měsíce/měsíců)
  • Počáteční datum:
  • Plat od 1,5K € do 2K € / měsíc
  • 8, Rue du Sentier, Paris, 75002
  • Možnost pracovat příležitostně z domova
  • Vzdělání: Bakalářský stupeň vzdělání
  • zkušenosti: Neuvedeno




  • Software, E-commerce
  • Od 50 do 250 zaměstnanců


Data Analyst - Internship - Paris

  • Stáž (5 až 6 měsíce/měsíců)
  • Počáteční datum:
  • Plat od 1,5K € do 2K € / měsíc
  • 8, Rue du Sentier, Paris, 75002

  • Možnost pracovat příležitostně z domova
  • Vzdělání: Bakalářský stupeň vzdělání
  • zkušenosti: Neuvedeno

Tato pozice byla obsazena!

Who are they?

🔭 Stockly is a tech-retail company solving the supply/demand mismatch in e-commerce.

  • With our technology, we connect in real-time e-commerce websites in need for stock with the inventory of hundreds of other retailers who have the same products available, and who can fulfill the order on their behalf.

  • E-retailers can keep selling products that are out-of-stock, while others can gain additional sales, in a seamless experience for the end-consumer.

🏆 Our mission is to create the world’s 1st globally shared inventory for retail. To better understand what we do, check out our french pitch at BFMTV(🇫🇷), or our English pitch at Techstars(🇬🇧).

🚀 We’ve already raised $20M+ with European top-tier investors among which Daphni, Eurazeo and Raise. Our proprietary technology, coded in-house from scratch, is already live across Europe with 300+ e-retailers, we grow x4 each year and won’t stop there.

Want to know more about Stockly?Company culture, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

About Stockly

Stockly is a retail-tech company that targets to solve the problem of out-of-stock products in e-commerce. With our technology, e-retailers can keep selling out-of-stock products, making other retailers ship them directly to consumers. 

Our product is live across Europe and convinces more clients every day. Our mission is to create the world first global inventory for retail. To better understand what we do, check out our French pitch at BFMTV, or our English pitch at Techstars.

We are looking for a smart and talented Data Analyst Intern to join the BI team working closely with our CTO Oscar, our Head of Network Pierre, our Financial Officer Etienne and our Business Developers Matthieu & Yann. The BI is currently composed of 2 people (Centrale Lille & Télécom). Due to our growth (x4 per year), this number is likely to increase quite rapidly.

You can apply even if it is to start in 6 months!


To tackle our cross team challenges, you are a candidate willing to actively participate to the company development. In our growing team, everyone is key including you as you will be working on the frontier of several domains:

  • Develop and maintain SQL dashboards, to monitor data and analyse performance
  • Extract and interpret data for business requirements
  • Train colleagues on data extraction & interpretation
  • Identify new features to make our product evolve according to usage and needs

Everytime you will face recurring tasks or pain points, you will be in charge of finding and implementing solution to tackle this and help the company and team move to next stage.


Tackling an international market in a fast growing startup, you’ll have three main challenges:

Complexity: a lot can happen in an e-commerce transaction, specially when you connect multiple players.
Performance: Stockly manages tens of millions of articles, that’s a hell of a lot of web requests per day.
Scalability: Being focus of growth, we require that published code still work with ten times more volume.

💝 About your future benefits

  • Competitive packages: for this position, package range is typically 1500-2000€/month depending on the profile (e.g. basic knowledge to expert). We have a well defined and objective salary grid that is based on both skills level and scarcity of profiles 💸

  • Meal vouchers by Swile 🍽️

  • 50% reimbursement of your Navigo Pass 🚋

  • A central and amazing working environment in *le Sentier* (Paris) 💼

  • Flexible and remote-friendly policy 🏡

  • Stockly dinners together every other Thursday 🍻

  • Coffee, tea and fruits available everyday 🍇

  • Climbing & football team 🧗

⚙️ About how we work

  • Every team has a daily meeting to align on priorities and solve issues ⇒ You won’t be left alone!

  • Every Monday we have a global weekly meeting where every team shares what they are working on and what they will do for the coming week ⇒ You will have visibility on the whole company!

  • Every quarter we have our OKR meeting (Objectives, Key Results) where each team shows the results of the previous quarter and the objectives of the following one ⇒ You will see the company grow and your own role inside of it!

  • During all these meetings everyone can challenge each other and all questions are more than welcome ⇒ Transparency is one of our key values, and we are always open to new ideas!

Preferred experience

You see yourself in the following:

– You are analytical and strongly believe any claim should be backed by data
– You have good knowledge in SQL
– You have some experience with relation database, preferably cloud based
– You are autonomous
– You are a smart & quick learner
– You love learning from others and humbly sharing knowledge with them
– You are hard working and have a hands on mindset
– You are well-organized & efficient
– You pay attention to details
– You come from a top engineering or business school
– You love math and logic
– You can speak English

If you want to work with an ambitious team who wants to become #1 in the market in a fast paced environment, this is the place for you!🚀

Recruitment process

🏎️ Our process goes fast, we are reactive and we adapt to your availabilities, we can typically go through the whole process in 2-3 weeks:

  1. SQL entry-test
    1. 30min video-call with our Talent Acquisition Manager
  2. One hour face-to-face interview with our CTO Oscar

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