When he was Head of sales at Avaya, Arnaud had the idea to create SnapCall. After this American experience, he was convinced that SnapCall would revolutionize the world of business phone calls.

He made it with Thomas in 2016 who shared the same vision.

After spending 10 years at Free as a Tech leader, Thomas created SnapCall with Arnaud, whom he met in 2006 in another telecom startup.

He brings with him a solid technical experience built at Free, he naturally takes the role of CTO of SnapCall which fascinates him.

After customer-oriented experiences at big names on the tech space such as Salesforce and Facebook, Natalia turned a Growth Marketer at AllTheRooms from New York.

When she arrived in France, she joined the SnapCall adventure to develop a Growth/Marketing strategy.

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SnapCall: the new digital calling experience.

The SnapCall call button is there to help companies (e-commerce, fintech, foodtech, intermediation, etc...) to better control their call flow from the website or an application. The SnapCall widget can only appear for identified VIP customers, on promotional landings pages or during long subscription runs. With SnapCall, companies can easily manage their call flows and increase their NPS with their customers while personalizing customer relationships.

SnapCall was founded in 2016 by 2 partners from innovative and leading companies in their field: Free, Avaya. Today, it is a young and growing team that has set itself the objective of revolutionizing business calls. SnapCall works with digital companies in Europe and North America (SNCF, C-discount, Zendesk, Seloger, Azimo, Devialet, Clickfunnels, Cheerz, etc…)

What they are looking for

SnapCall is looking for new talents who are very autonomous and who want to be in charge of their own projects from A to Z.

The SnapCall team also likes inventive candidates who are not afraid of the daily life in startups, overwhelmed by surprises and challenges.

Good to know

Working at SnapCall is:

  • Speak English
  • Adhere to the requirements of Startup work
  • Private offices at Station F
  • Affordable housing solution
  • Benefit from a mutual insurance company (Alan) and meal vouchers (Lunchr)

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