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Next Station is an online platform for international recruiting – easier, personalized and stress-free.
The company’s mission is to connect international job-seekers with the best European companies! Candidates only have to create a private profile to help them understand their job search preferences. Next Station’s team will screen all available jobs and directly bring interview requests.

The Next Station team is made of a group of globe-trotters that have experienced how hard it is to hire/find a job abroad. Therefore, they decided to use everything they’ve learned to simplify international recruitment for everyone.

What they are looking for

For their clients (from fast-growing startups to large global companies) Next Station is looking for international candidates for marketing, sales, content, customer support and HR roles. Open-minded people ready to jump into a new job abroad.

For their team, Next Station is looking for people who want to change lives and help others find meaningful jobs. In the Next Station Fam you find:

  • Team-players and go-getters.

  • People with a pirate mind and the spirit of a caring grandma

  • 100% humble and 0% prejudice.

Join the movement and #gobeyond.

Good to know

Our values:

#1 - Commitment - #1 - Commitment - We are committed to empowering people in their search for meaning. To move abroad and grow. To find a new place to belong to.

#2 - Go beyond - We explore all routes. We never settle. We prioritize the work that helps us achieve our mission.

#3 - Enjoy - We seek fun. We think big and celebrate life whatever it brings us.

We love what we’re doing and we want you to experience the feeling of having a meaningful job, no matter where!

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