Back-end Developer - Based in Warsaw

Back-end Developer - Based in Warsaw

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    Who are they?

    MANGOPAY’s vision is to fuel the success of the platform economy.

    We empower the platform economy with our platform-specific payment infrastructure. Since 2013, we have supported 2,500+ clients in e-commerce, retail, and cutting-edge platforms.

    MANGOPAY has developed a payment solution that aims to fuel the success of the platform economy. Built around our programmable e-wallet solution, MANGOPAY’s payment infrastructure offers a simple and easily integrated solution that covers platform payment needs with total integration, as well as flexibility and workflows for many business models.

    Our teams are split across Europe in eight different locations, with main offices in Paris and Luxembourg. Platforms and marketplaces are thriving and we are looking for outstanding profiles to tackle some of the most ambitious challenges in our field and contribute to our robust growth.

    Job description

    As a Developer you will reinforce one of our teams, organized around functional areas. 

    Your main missions will be to :

    • Participate in the missions of the development team (developments, code reviews, monitoring of releases, level 3 support...)
    • Work in collaboration with the QA and product teams (new features, quality approach,...)
    • Propose and implement technical and/or organizational improvements
    • Participate in the tech life of the company (watch, meetups, mutual aid, presentations,...)
    • You will find an environment with high quality deliverables and high availability requirements coupled with high volumes of data (we process several tens of millions of financial transactions per year), conducive to increasing your skills with an experienced team whose values are mutual support, humility, initiative and continuous improvement

    Preferred experience

    We are looking for an experienced object-oriented developer who :

    Enjoys working in a team, sharing experiences, in an agile environment

    Likes to think about complex problems

    Enjoys delivering quality, high-performance and tested code, while promoting best practices: TDD, peer-programming, software craftsmanship...

    Technical stack :

    Knowledge of 100% of the stack is obviously not required (but if you know it's even better). We are open to curious people who want to learn.

    • C#
    • .Net Core, .Net 4.8 (migration .Net 6)
    • RabbitMQ (MassTransit)
    • NHibernate
    • Entity Framework
    • SQL Server
    • Elasticsearch
    • Redis
    • Git (Gitlab), TeamCity, Octopus Deploy

    Do you know the Joel Spolsky test?

    Here are our answers:

    Source control : yes (GIT, master branch, release branches and feature branches)

    One-step build : yes (CI : TeamCity)

    Daily builds : yes (at each merge on release branches + nightly build)

    Bug database : yes (JIRA)

    Bugs fixed before writing new code : yes for critical bugs, others are prioritized in the backlog

    Up-to-date schedule : no, but we try

    Specs : yes

    Quiet working conditions : yes

    Best tools that money can buy : new laptop (Dell XPS 15, core i7 16GB ram and 512SSD) for each newcomer + resharper if desired + 100€ to buy personal material (ex : footrest, keyboard...)

    Testers : yes (QA for automation + devs/product to test specific tickets)

    Code screening: yes (technical testing + live coding)

    Hallway usability testing: no


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