We are a global Scale-Up company with Tech and Data teams mostly in France (for now), and we target to get the other skills at the relevant place over the globe. We will reach close to 100 people by the end of 2022 (22% abroad), and will continue to grow mostly internationally in 2023. English is our working language.

Our company purpose (save lives & set new requiring standards in the cardiology industry!) is a very powerful driver for everyone of us, to get up in the morning and « sweat together »!

In order to preserve this precious company culture & spirit, we take a good care to identify some powerful key success factors during the recruitment process: We need you to be very both enthusiast & pragmatic, low-ego & high-energy, able to combine hands-on assignments with strategic thinking, have an entrepreneurial attitude that makes you find your way, and you are deeply convinced that everyone can make a difference.

And for sure, you showed proofs of our 3 core values: « integrity », « ambition » & « cooperation ».

« Cooperation » is definitely not just a word for a poster in a meeting room: we actually very naturally work together, and it feels good to smartly do our best to converge in the same direction. We love having lunch together and share our various expertise.

We daily challenge ourselves to build a diverse team of talents (gender, age, background, multi-cultural, etc.) and take a good care to create an inclusive environment for all employees.

35% of our employees are not French - 38% are women - Both figures are closely monitored to do better.


Employee breakdown

  • Tech


  • Data


  • US team (Sales-CS-Marketing)


  • Supports (Finance-HR-Marketing-Direction)


  • Sales Europe


  • Customer Success


  • Product


  • Clinical


  • Quality & Regulatory


  • Corporate development / Market access


Implicity was co-founded by Dr Arnaud Rosier, right after his IA thesis, to solve a problem he encountered in his practice as cardiologist-electrophysiologist.

In 2006, cardiac remote monitoring tools were outdated, and process was too complex.

Deeply convinced of how remote monitoring could improve patient care and provide optimized vital prognosis, Dr. Rosier thought of a universal aggregating, that normalizes and standardizes data from all implantable cardiac electronic device across all major manufacturers.

Anaïs Drihem is « Customer Success Manager », and with Implicity since 2019.

CS is a 8p team, working with the greatest care to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Daily support clinics to optimize and develop their remote monitoring activity
  • From onboarding/training on the platform to very prompt availability to address diverse questions and technical issues
  • Manage and nurture the relationship with clinic, with regular visits

Julien Sarazin is « Software Architect », and with Implicity since 2019. Tech is a 27p team, working to bring the best of SaaS technologies, in a regulated environment, to improve patients’ health.

4 squads develop in an agile and autonomous mode, to reach the scalability ambitions and our shared features roadmap.

We pay the greatest attention to develop Tech skills, and careers. Julien got promoted to his current position in 2022.

Issam Ibnouhsein is « Head of Data », and with Implicity since 2021.

Data is a 20p team, putting together their deep and targeted AI, engineering and medical skills to exploit the remote monitoring data and produce powerful algorithms that bring a preventive and predictive dimension to the monitoring.

Implicity is the 1st private company authorized to access the national French healthcare database through the « Health Data Hub » (3,7M+ patients with cardiovascular diseases), to push the development of AI solutions, like heart failure predictions.

Julien Durand is « Head of Product », and with Implicity since 2018. Product is a 5p team, putting together, with a remarkable touch, all the department constraints / requirements, to build a strong and reliable product roadmap.

The job is both a very hands-on, requiring to be up-to-date to any company infos, market changes and above all medical center expectations.

but il also requires to project the company in the long run, and do the right technical / features choices today to keep our advance for future.

Pierre Maindivide is « Head of People », and with Implicity since 2021.

HR is a 2p team, which has one motto: make everyone’s working life as easy as possible. This obviously includes to recruit the best colleagues at the right time, but also to structure the simplest HR processes to push business.