Company Policy

At Elevo we think that remote work and interest of the business are not incompatible. We want to offer flexibility around remote work but we also want to have the maximum of in person interaction.

Our Tech & Product teams are remote first and can be in full remote (in France) if they wish to and we provide a quarterly budget to allow them to come back to the office.

For all other teams we offer flexible remote with; up to 2 days per week of remote work and up to 4 full weeks per year of remote work (can even be abroad)

Working environment and tools

Everyone at Elevo get a last generation MacBook (Air or Pro)

Includes 💻

  • Remote budget : All employees in full remote get a quarterly budget they can spend how they please

  • Annual events : The entire company comes together at least 4 times a year for special events (Kickoff, Annual Offsite, Christmas Party, etc...)

"In 2020, I moved to Tours and was looking for a company open to remote work. At Elevo, that's not a problem! Employees work from wherever they want: Dublin, Lille, Rennes... And they are no problems to communicate with everyone."




Our office is ideally located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris between Anvers and Gare du Nord (lot of commuting options)

We invested in great premises because we believe that a good professional environment promotes more links between people and helps achieve certain business objectives faster.

We offer flex offices, so everyone can choose the space that suits them best according to their daily needs. Thus different types of spaces exist such as open spaces, sofas, standing desks, meeting rooms and phone booths. Without forgetting our large terrace that we use for lunch and drinks or just working outside.