Employee breakdown

  • Sales


  • Dev


  • Operation/Product


  • Support/Marketing


Sales team

The role of the sales team is to grow the Dashdoc customer base by meeting carriers and shippers in order to understand their needs and offer them appropriate solutions.

For Business Developers, a typical week is divided between:

  • prospecting (looking for potential customers)
  • field meetings (meeting prospects to discuss with them)
  • support for ongoing projects until the contract is signed (answer questions and objections from prospects to make them an appropriate commercial offer)

Our customers have been working with paper or Excel for 5 to 20 years and it's now that they need to change tools. It is up to us to support them in developing their turnover and their organization.

Paul Hubert, Co-Founder and Head of sales

Product team

The product team is the link between Dashdoc users and developers. Its role is to reflect on areas for improvement for the product, in particular through the user experience and the user interface. For the product team, it is not a question of transforming the Dashdoc tool only from user data, but also from the exchanges they can have with customers and members of other Dashdoc teams.

What I like the most about Dashdoc is knowing that I have a concrete impact with our users and that I help them on a daily basis thanks to our product.

Hélène, Product Manager

Tech team

Joining Dashdoc's tech team means dealing with complex issues and processes that must be simple to use for our customers. We must remain attentive to fully understand and identify the work of our users in order to be able to transcribe it precisely into our code.

The team works according to the shape-up method. For 6 weeks, everyone works in teams of 2 or 3, accompanied by a member of the product team. The objective is to solve a specific problem and develop new functionalities. Then, the team enters a 2-week "cool down" phase, the purpose of which is to reduce the technical debt.

Road transport of goods is a polluting activity. With the Dashdoc platform, we have our part to play in measuring CO2 emissions and encouraging carriers and shippers to choose less polluting vehicles.

Corentin, Co-Founder and CTP

Operations team

The operations team is the one that takes over once the prospect has become a customer. They are the privileged interlocutors of our customers and their role is to help them in the deployment of the Dashdoc tool, but also to report the problems that they encounter in their daily use of the software.

The members of the operations team are also driving forces in the development of the product, because they understand, identify the problems of the customers and propose axes of improvement of the product, so that the functionalities best meet their needs.

We are lucky to have clients who are passionate about their job and with whom we can build trusted relationships. The world of transport is central and affects all sectors. It's very rewarding for the team!

Sophie, Head of operations