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At Custom Ink they create customized merchandise for clients ranging from small businesses to the biggest companies in the world, and in the Prague office you can become a part of a rapidly developing branch of the company with various opportunities for growth.

They cracked over 500 million dollars in revenue in 2022 alone, and they didn’t become the American leader in customized merch by accident! From creating official merchandise for tech giants like Amazon to making personalized gear for small family businesses and people all throughout the United States, there is never a shortage of stimulating challenges that make working with us fulfilling and exciting. Through managing their very own in-house logistics and supply chain software systems, they have become a leader in a developed industry with an incredible base and even more incredible potential.

What they are looking for

They are hiring in 3 different teams within Custom Ink.

Tech team

At Custom Ink Tech, they build software that processes tens of thousands of orders per month in real-time, and their Prague tech team plays a vital role in this process. They are looking for developers who are great at making independent decisions and judgment calls as well as writing code.

They have a variety of different roles available - from front-end developers working on the customer-facing aspects of their ecommerce website to backend developers building complex distributed systems for automating their logistics and production pipelines. They also need data scientists who work on various fuzzy real-world problems in our industry.

Technologies what they use: Ruby on Rails, AWS, Kubernetes, NodeJS, React, and/or Python among others.

So, what will you do specifically? You’ll design application architecture, make technology decisions, and develop new features. In Custom Ink they will let you do your thing, and they believe that a small, efficient, and empowered team is best for solving problems quickly. To accomplish this, they generally operate with Shape Up or Scrum frameworks according to need.

Customer Support

If you’re excited about supporting a diverse range of customers from community organizers to corporate clients, this role will help you realize your potential. You’ll stand at a key point in the order production process and be responsible for print settings, style setup, print schedules, and more.

Expert Production Art

Are you looking to apply your graphic design skills to custom apparel worn by millions? If you’re proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and have a practical drive to create, your experience as a Production Artist will include redrawing, vectorizing, and preparing assets for various styles of print.

Good to know

They know that growth comes from innovation, a forward-thinking culture, and employees who have the autonomy to create new and exciting projects. They’re also happy to sponsor your AWS certification and they want to see your ideas grow - 10% of your time goes to innovation and developing your skills. Likewise, you’ll be able to practice your English daily through working alongside our east-coast offices in America. And they hope you like hackathons, because twice a year you’ll have the opportunity to tackle any problem that you’re interested in. As much as they’re focused on their customers having a great experience, they’re just as focused on making sure their employees are getting the most out of their life and career. They are happy to provide complementary English classes, online leadership courses, a multi-sport card, mental health counseling, lots of fresh coffee, and breakfast every Tuesday at their beautiful office in Karlin (along with great company to enjoy it with) and much more.

And if the office isn’t your thing, no problem at all. You can work at home 5 days a week too, but they would love for you to come in once in a while to enjoy their excellent office space and chill vibe.

If you’re looking for an open-minded, motivated, and most of all innovative and forward-thinking company and people to work with, send them your resume!

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