Senior Full Stack Engineer

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    Senior Full Stack Engineer

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    Tato pozice byla obsazena!


    “First adaptive method merging the best of Human Psychology and Machine Intelligence, to allow individuals to become masters of their own work-life destiny”

    67% of people are disengaged and unmotivated at work. If you are born in a low-income family, then it will take 4.5 generations to your descendants to reach the mean income in society. Social Elevator is a myth.

    Why can’t People take control over their lives today?
    People are bad at navigating their own psychological complexity by themselves, dealing with their internal dialogues and dilemmas.
    No human, neither people themselves, nor professional counsellors, can embrace the complexity of the world of work.
    Can Tech by itself solve this?
    No, if machines are excellent at seeing patterns, they are bad at assessing human ambiguity.

    Hence the creation of Chance, the first adaptive method merging the best of Human Psychology and Machine Intelligence, to allow individuals to become masters of their own work-life destiny, through an adaptive 8 weeks program, intertwining digital coaching and human video coaching, to allow anyone to have a career aligned with her/his deep motivations, constraints and talents.

    Job description

    As a member of the Product and Engineering team, and reporting to Aymen Mouelhi, Lead Engineer, you will embrace state-of-the-art web development to build a personalized auto-coaching experience that guides users through their introspection phase and the discovery of their strengths, drivers, and deeper meaning for their careers.
    You’ll lead users to a moment that helps them realize what they truly want, and enable them to get there. To do this well you’ll need to leverage data, collaborate across teams, and practice deep customer empathy in order to scale a highly customized and personalized auto-coaching experience.

    => Upon joining Chance, you will begin breaking the current linear product flows to rebuild a more intelligent experience in Nest.JS, that captures users inputs in a way that will personalize their auto-coaching experience.
    => Your goal will be to build a system that can serve up the right content at the right moment, and maximize the “aha” moments throughout the autocoaching. Rebuilding the tool from the ground up will allow us to build intelligent adaptivity, a more intuitive UI, and use the rich user data to propose the best career options to users.
    => You’ll also prepare the product to launch globally, as well as build a scalable content management system to allow fast content adaptation to best suit our users.
    => You’ll also build solutions for our coaches and talent agents so they have the real-time data needed to provide specific coaching and mentoring to their Chance clients, and accelerate the most important benefit - helping people find a job they love. This is tech for good.

    As a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer, you will be a critical part of the acceleration of our company, delivering customer benefit through your code. We need collaborators who work cross-functionally, with experience to be able implement best practices in technology, architecture, and process.

    As a growing team, we need you to add rigor to our agile process, and build a tech-culture within Chance. There are some complex challenges, and we need doers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and fix tough problems, no matter the project, and no matter the stack. You’ll be a pioneer in this field, and your work will have immediate impact. We will work hard and fast, have fun, and deliver awesome products.

    Preferred experience

    Key competencies
    ● A builder at heart who craves learning, and lives best practices (TDD, code review, pair programming)
    ● Work with other team members to quickly deploy code to production and automate all recurring tasks (unit tests, CI / CD …)
    ● You believe in Egoless programming and apply its principles on a daily basis
    ● Strong object oriented design and programming skills
    ● Ability to take ownership over everything you ship; you’d never call code “released” until you’re confident it’s correct
    ● Confident in owning your role, bringing creative ideas to the hands of our users

    Daily responsibilities
    ● Work with designers, product managers, and other engineers to implement new features on our platform
    ● Contribute clean, clear, high-quality production code
    ● Help the product and design teamwork through the product specification, design,
    and feasibility process
    ● Contribute to building an amazing tech-culture
    ● Provide effective and constructive feedback on other engineer’s contributions
    ● Research and recommend new technologies, help set best practices and coding standards

    Our stack and tools
    ● Design: Sketch, Abstract
    ● Frontend: ReactJS, Typescript, Styled components, GraphQL ● Backend: NodeJS, Typescript, NestJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL
    ● CI: Github Actions
    ● Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS
    ● XP, AGILE and KISS are our drivers

    Skills and relevant experience
    ● Full-stack engineering experience in any of the following languages: Node/React, TypeScript
    ● Experience with database modeling (SQL)
    ● Minimum of 5 years of industry experience in engineering
    ● Ability to take complex product goals and efficiently deliver working software in logically consumable pieces
    ● Creative and innovative problem solver with experience working in a startup environment

    Great to have
    ● Familiarity with ElasticSearch, Kubernetes
    ● Experience with TDD, Domain Driven Design
    ● Experience with GraphQL

    Recruitment process

    Candidates for this position can expect the following hiring process.
    ● Chance vision - 30 mins chat with our VP of product, Scott Stonehocker
    ● Screening interview - 30 mins with our tech lead, Aymen Mouelhi
    ● Craft review - 1h pair programming to check for tech and culture fit, with Aymen and Duc
    ● Product at Chance - 45 mins with co-founder and PM, Clemence Coghlan and Vincent Bauclin, Product designer
    ● Final interview - 45 min with our CEO Ludovic de Gromard

    Meet the team

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