In just about 2 years, TapNation grew from a very small startup to a structured company filled with incredibly ambitious and inspiring people. Publishing managers, experienced developers, game designers, artists, user acquisition & monetization experts, the whole team works together to publish the best HIT games possible.

We would love you to apply to join an ambitious, innovative, gaming-addict and international team!


Employee breakdown

  • Publishing


  • UA/Monetization


  • Tech/Data


  • Marketing


  • Finance


Publishing department

The Publishing department is the core of TapNation, this is where the top-charting HIT games are made!

The Publishing team are the people that work directly hand in hand with studios. It's a thrilling and exciting job that implies working on multiple dozens of different games per month; from ideation to marketability going through game design, art, UI... We are involved in every aspect of a game's life. 

The team is composed of dynamic, ambitious, optimistic and enthusiastic people with a strong creative vision! Qualities that we radiate around us, to bring the best out of everyone they work with.

"In only a short 2 years, TapNation grew from a very small startup to a structured company filled with incredibly ambitious and inspiring people. We've already had a lot of successes, but the best part is yet to come...!"

Tech Team

Our tech team brings together the data, game development, architecture and web development teams.

We have various missions including gathering, processing and analyzing all the data related to our games and to advertising campaigns. Data science has 2 main goals: The first one is to make better and funnier games by optimizing our users funnels and using our forecasting tools (Data science / Machine learning). The second one is optimizing advertising campaigns in order to scale our games and reach millions of downloads.

In addition to data, we are also developing a whole suite of product oriented tools to automate and optimize our different business lines.

"At TapNation, tech and data are at the heart of all our teams through automation, forecasting and optimization to make better and more addictive games for hundreds of millions of users."

UA & Monetization Team

The UA & Monetization team's mission is crucial: we manage the overall marketing budget and spend to promote our games, while maximizing our portfolio's overall revenue. Our objectives are to constantly optimize and find new opportunities to grow our ad spend and ad revenue per user. For this, we test new channels to increase our ad spend and maintain profitability. 

We manage relationships with more than 50 ad networks and ad partners that are buying our inventory.  The team has deep industry knowledge as well as good analytical and commercial skills to maximize relations and revenues. We value team spirit, entrepreneurship and innovative mindsets! Plus a good participation in our afterworks ;)

"TapNation is very unique: thanks to our startup size, you really have the chance to make a big impact with key responsibilities. The highlight is also really about the family mindset and the great trips we organize together!"

"UA team's mission is to build digital acquisition strategy to gain millions of users across our game portfolio. Key part of my job is to grow TapNation's presence in all key performance marketing channels and establish new ones."

Game Designer

At Tapnation, game designers are acting as "game consultants" for the studios, providing feedback in order to maximize the potential of each game. The challenge is to provide the same quality of feedback on all the projects. This is why it is important for our job to be: flexible, efficient and to treat each game like it's the next hit game. 

Our three main missions are:  Ideation: Be a driver in the ideation process, as well as helping others coming up with cool ideas.  Feedback: It is fundamental to be able to improve and build on ideas/concepts coming from other people as well to turn them into hit games. Documents: Because what would be a game designer without a ton of documents to write.

"At Tapnation, we like to keep small teams, implying that each member is a "killer" in their own field, just like the "Expandables". So if you feel like a Stallone and you're looking for your next challenge, join Tapnation !"