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Paris, Amsterdam, Basse-Terre, Berlin, Lille, Saint-Ouen-L'aumône, Vitry-Sur-Seine

Damien Lucas, a graduate of Centrale Supélec, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the French Tech ecosystem. He began his career in the software industry by contributing to the creation of VLC Media Player before co-founding Anevia, a company specializing in video streaming software solutions. As a driving force in business development and guardian of the product vision, Damien has led significant projects, including the establishment of international subsidiaries, consolidation operations, and initial public offerings. His leadership has been particularly impactful in shaping product strategy and managing software development teams, skillfully orchestrating the transition to the cloud ecosystem. Currently serving as the CEO of Scaleway, Damien Lucas instills his vision firmly focused on innovation, shaping the future of the company both in the cloud realm and as a facilitator for the emergence of artificial intelligence applications in Europe.

Albane Bruyas, COO As Chief Operating Officer at Scaleway, Albane is responsible for the global operations of the company. She manages the supply & hardware chain of the 5 data centers, working in a variety of areas from R&D to fleet maintenance and CSR. Previously, Albane rose through the ranks of the luxury sector where she learned rigor and excellence, key values for companies in this market. She demonstrates her skills as an inspirational leader by encouraging others to take action and lever business through giving motivational speeches based on grounded financial information. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic partners, and establishing governance boundaries, she leads by example, always doing her best and encouraging others to do the same as a mentor and advisor at Startup Weekend Women, and other events. The philosophy she lives by? A king without entertainment is a man full of misery.

Sébastien Luttringer dirige la recherche et le développement chez Scaleway. Diplômé d'EPITA en 2008, il a dirigé différents départements d'ingénierie dans de grandes entreprises françaises.Au-delà de ses fonctions professionnelles, il contribue activement à des projets open source et est un mainteneur principal de la distribution Arch Linux depuis plus de 10 ans. En 2022, il a rejoint Scaleway avec un mandat clair : créer Scaleway Labs, un département dédié à l'innovation. Cette structure agile privilégie la technologie aux aspects commerciaux, aboutissant à quatre avancées majeures en 2023, allant de nouveaux processeurs ARM au stockage IPFS, jusqu'à des progrès dans l'informatique quantique.

Son style de leadership encourage l'expérimentation : il met fortement l'accent sur la nature pratique et impactante de l'innovation, assurant un équilibre entre créativité et utilité. Cette approche tend vers une culture de l'innovation au service des besoins évolutifs des clients de Scaleway.

Head of Product management, Diane is responsible for the cross-functional services used by all Scaleway customers: authentication system, account management since its creation, permissions management, billing, global navigation, etc. Within a Product organization of more than twenty Squads, she is responsible for the product strategy of her tribe from the validation of the roadmap to the analysis of performance indicators. She is convinced that good communication, sharing at the heart of the company the knowledge of our users and a good orchestration of collective intelligence are key for the organization to progress and achieve its objectives.

Doreen Pernel, a graduate from the Business School of Sydney, is an Executive Revenue Leader with experience Internationally and in France. She began her career in the FinTech industry at Bloomberg in London and then in New York before working in other different Tech companies such as Meta and Dataiku. Always looking for new client challenges and glad to support customers via a solution-oriented mindset and high level of expertise! Her leadership has been particularly impactful in shaping Go To Market strategy and managing Sales teams across the full Sales Cycle in the Cloud and SaaS environment. Currently serving as the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Scaleway, Doreen Pernel drives revenue strategies, aligns departments for growth, and oversees sales operations, all while being metrics-driven. Passionate about go-to-market strategies, she identifies new revenue streams, manages sales metrics, and actively engages in day-to-day deals.


Founded in 1999, Scaleway assists developers and businesses in creating, deploying, and evolving their applications on any infrastructure. From their offices located in Paris and Lille, they develop a comprehensive cloud ecosystem now utilized by over 25,000 companies, including European startups, who have chosen Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, seamless user experience, carbon-neutral data centers, and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures.

With fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerized, and serverless architectures, Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, providing its customers with the ability to choose where their data resides, decide on their architecture, and opt for a more responsible way of scaling. Scaleway is the cloud of choice.

As a responsible company, they assess their impact, set ambitious goals, and communicate transparently about their results.

What they are looking for

Firstly, they are not after a specific profile. They mainly recruit applicants who are Tech enthusiasts, with inquisitive, ambitious personalities, and who are passionate about the democratization of Cloud.

They won’t necessarily seek candidates with degrees as some of their best tech people are self-trained with broad skills & goals.

The company’s management is transparent and sympathetic, it is, however, important for them to be surrounded by conscientious and competent people.

Good to know

  1. The Maisons are designed to develop creativity!
  2. Every Scaler is equipped with high-end material, and they're trained throughout the year
  3. They encourage responsibility, autonomy, commitment and leadership
  4. They want to work with passionate people who want to make sense of their work
  5. They have faith... in agile methodologies

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