Yes to inclusion and equal opportunities

The company must reflect the society in which everyone lives.

The company must reflect the society in which everyone lives.

At Sanofi, diversity and inclusion are priorities that are an integral part of the corporate values: teamwork, courage, respect, and integrity.

Acting for parity in companies

Gender parity is an accelerator that has a positive impact on society, the success of companies and the growth of our economy. To preserve and grow our talent pool, Sanofi has been working for several years to reduce the gaps and promote the place of women within its teams and in the healthcare industry. At Sanofi, promoting parity is at the heart of our strategy, culture and values. In March 2018, Sanofi set a target of 50% male-50% female representation among its executive managers (Top 2000) by 2025. With dedicated resources, a Global Network and a Board dedicated to the subject of parity, we have put in place several actions to achieve it. We regularly measure and publish our progress. The increase in the percentage of women among our executive managers is one of the indicators used in the calculation of the variable compensation of the members of the Executive Committee.


of women members in our Executive Committee


of women executive managers


is the target of 50% F/M representation by 2025

The #StOpE initiative

In December 2020, Sanofi in France, through the #StOpE initiative, made a commitment to fight against so-called ordinary sexism in the workplace, under the high patronage of Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of Equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities. « We are proud to be committed alongside the partner companies of the #StOpE initiative. Sexist behavior is by no means harmless or ordinary, even if it is unconscious or masquerading as benevolence. They exclude, belittle the people who are targeted in their professional activity. At Sanofi, we believe that skills have no gender and that is why we are committed to zero tolerance of ordinary sexism in company. » Florence Cauvet, HRD France.

Fostering the integration of people with disabilities

Today in France, more than 12 million people live with a disability, whether visible or invisible. With 1,200 disabled employees, Sanofi has made disability a priority in order to build a more inclusive society and a more successful company.

Through our Disability Agreement, we are committed to :

  • maintain employment
  • recruiting
  • raise awareness to change the way people look at disability in the company
  • develop collaboration with the Protected and Adapted Work Sector
  • promote accessibility.
Instagram - Video - "I wish employees with #disabilities didn't inhibit themselves and hide their disability, because the more we hide, the more we isolate ourselves."
Fostering the integration of people with disabilities
Commitment to the LGBT+ community

Commitment to the LGBT+ community

Allowing everyone to be themselves is first and foremost about fostering a serene working environment. At Sanofi in France, the objective is and remains the inclusion of all diversities within the company.

SANOFI in France has made a commitment by signing the LGBT+ charter of "L'Autre Cercle”

Despite strong awareness over the last ten years, much remains to be done to fight discrimination against LGBT+ people. By signing the LGBT+ Commitment Charter of "L'Autre Cercle" for France, by offering support on inclusive management, but also training on cognitive biases, Sanofi reaffirms its commitment to equal rights to include all diversities within the company.

  • 1 in 4 LGBT people have experienced at least one LGBT phobic attack in their organization
  • Only 1 in 2 LGBT people are 'visible' in their work environment Date of signature of the charter - November 2020

Source: LGBT+ Barometer L'Autre Cercle-Ifop - February 2020


Favoriser l’emploi des jeunes

Accompagner l’emploi des jeunes est une priorité pour Sanofi. Au-delà des forums métiers auxquels il participe ou des partenariats avec des écoles, Sanofi a un engagement fort en faveur de l’alternance et des stages et agit pour l’emploi des jeunes issus des quartiers populaires, via l'engagement PAQTE.

Place d’avenir

Savez-vous que 71 % des jeunes s’autocensurent, dont 60% par sentiment de manque d’expérience ?

En effet, le secteur du médical effraie davantage les jeunes du fait de l’image d’un secteur très technique et d’un métier à vocation qui nécessite de longues et difficiles études.

C’est pourquoi chez Sanofi, nous avons créé « Place d’Avenir ». Un évènement renouvelé pour la seconde année consécutive et qui a lieu partout en France (7 villes en 2021).

Une tournée évènementielle pour aller à la rencontre des jeunes talents, notamment dans les Quartiers Prioritaires de la politique de la Ville (QPV) pour leur présenter Sanofi, nos métiers et leur proposer 1600 alternances et 700 stages.

Place d’avenir

Sanofi propose des sessions de job dating, de coaching et invite les candidats à découvrir les nombreux métiers du groupe en France. Ce tour de France s’inscrit pleinement dans le cadre du plan gouvernemental "1 jeune, 1 solution" et représente une très belle opportunité pour plus de 150 collaborateurs Sanofi de valoriser leur métier auprès de jeunes en recherche d’alternance.

Opération « Place d’Avenir » 2022 : Sanofi propose à nouveau 1600 postes en alternance à pourvoir en France

Passeport formation

Depuis 2021, tous nos jeunes talents, sans exception, à travers notre “Politique Jeunes” bénéficient d’un accompagnement personnel pour une meilleure insertion professionnelle à travers l’alternance qui est la voie d’excellence vers tous les métiers de l’industrie santé.

Ainsi, pour protéger et renforcer la formation des jeunes et leur employabilité, le « Passeport Formation » a été mise en place pour former les jeunes talents et leur permettre d’acquérir une formation complémentaire alliant le savoir-faire et le savoir-être.

C’est une formation de 36 heures en partenariat avec le Collège de Paris qui se clôture par à un stage immersif de 4 jours sur le management d’équipe et le Leadership ainsi qu’une expérience militaire ou de mise en situation pour apprendre la gestion de crise.


Careers days

  • Un forum des métiers et de l’emploi 100% virtuel.

  • 2 jours pour favoriser l’insertion des jeunes. Des sessions lives pour obtenir des conseils pour développer leur réseau professionnel et travailler leur personnal branding.

  • Une connexion avec 40 entreprises partenaires de l’écosystème santé pour leur présenter leurs métiers et leurs offres.



At Sanofi, we pursue the miracles of science to improve people's lives. In France, more than 20,000 passionate men and women tirelessly push their limits to transform the practice of medicine and improve patient health with drugs and vaccines.

The desire to advance science is our strength. We want to improve the health of populations and find new solutions for patients by combining scientific progress and advanced technologies.

In France, we provide more than 400 drugs, vaccines and health products, including 18 vaccines and more than 200 drugs of major therapeutic interest.

Sanofi's roots are anchored in France where most of the Research and Development is located. In the French medical research landscape, we hold a central role and actively participate in the construction of a dynamic health sector.

To contribute to the world of tomorrow, three commitments guide our actions: access to care for the most vulnerable, inclusion of all through work and preservation of the planet. Nothing would be possible without the remarkable mobilization of our employees and partners.

What they are looking for

We are present in France across the entire drug value chain, from research to marketing.

As a result, we offer a wide variety of professions: in research & development, biological and chemical production, medical, marketing, digital, sales, support functions, etc.

Good to know

  • EXPLORE MORE You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve in a short time at Sanofi. Our continuous learning culture and opportunities that span specialisms, sectors, products and the globe mean there are endless possibilities to progress. But that’s just the beginning. Because with every exploration comes the chance to stretch. To build new connections, welcome new ideas, embrace different perspectives.

  • CHASE CHANGE Progress needs people. Every Sanofian, in every role, has pushed us forward to the next breakthrough through courage, effort and ideas. It’s time to shake things up and revolutionise our business, and our industry, for the better. We know it won't be easy. And it's going to take time. But it starts here. Every day, we’re thinking Sanofi first, improving what we do and supporting people to make it happen.

  • DO RIGHT We're a big company, committed to making a big impact even in small places. Our heritage has enabled us to be citizens of the world, closer to the customers and patients we serve; a global reach that allows us to make and distribute life-changing medications where they are needed. We’re committed to taking the right action even when it’s the harder thing to do. And we’ll do right by those we serve with pride.

  • MAKE MIRACLES Pioneering biotech, enhancing immunity, saving lives. Leading projects, teaching colleagues, sharing skills. Whether we’re scientists or software engineers; production supervisors, sales managers or people leaders, we join together to work wonders every day. Pushing each other to do what's never been done before. Always focusing on moving forwards, on acting for patients and customers. And every day, striving to bring the miracles of science to life.

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