All PlayPlayers are driven by the same mission: to make video creatio accessible to any user, while ensuring high quality and professional content. We are 230 employees spread over 3 offices (Paris, Berlin, New York) within the Sales, Marketing, Product, Tech, Customer Success, People, Finance and Ops & Strategy teams. Whatever our origin, we share common values: ambition, creativity, commitment, collaboration and the desire to put the customer at the heart of our strategy.

Employee breakdown

  • Sales


  • Tech & Motion


  • Marketing


  • Customer Success


  • Produit


  • People, Finance, Ops & Strategy


The Product team

The Product team is composed of Product Managers and Product Designers organized around 2 tribes:

  • The "Create" Tribe whose mission is to allow users to easily create agency quality videos.
  • The "Stakeholders" Tribe whose role is to facilitate collaboration on the platform and the distribution of videos.

At PlayPlay, the Product is at the heart of the activities and interacts with all the teams as well as with our users. The goal: to co-build a Product that they love to use and that allows them to create beautiful and personalized videos!

There is a very collaborative Product culture at PlayPlay and we listen to our users. All the new features we develop answer a need. We will continue to invest heavily in user experience, ease of use and technical performance to ensure a smooth experience.

Ayessa, Product Lead

The Sales team

The Sales team is in charge of selling our video creation platform. It is specialized in 3 main jobs:

  • Sales: the team is composed of BDRs (in charge of prospecting) and SDRs (in charge of receiving incoming leads) who qualify the needs of our prospects. Then the Account Executives will make platform demos and accompany our prospects until the closing.
  • KAM (Key Account Manager): they organize the first steps of the customers' life, make sure that PlayPlay meets their needs and ensure the growth of their portfolio.
  • Sales Operations: this is the team that serves the Sales team. Onboarding of new employees, training, processes, tools, data... they are here to ensure sales performance through continuous improvement.

The atmosphere within the Sales team is very collaborative and there are many cross-team projects between Paris, Berlin and New York. Also, the super market-fit of our PlayPlay product makes our job very enjoyable !

Maxime, Head of Sales US

The Customer Success team

The Customer Success team is in charge of customer satisfaction and engagement. It is divided into 4 divisions: Care, Mid-Market, Enterprise and Strategic. The Care division provides support to our customers. The other three divisions handle a customer portfolio defined on the size of the company, the number of users and the potential for expansion. The role of the CSMs is to :

  • Manage our customers' journey (from onboarding to renewal)
  • Train them in video best practices
  • Support them in their communication strategy
  • Take into account their feedback in order to develop a platform that meets their expectations
  • Interact with our customers on a daily basis and answer their questions

We are very attentive to our customers and we like taking care of them. Our NPS score of 68 is the best proof of that! I also really appreciate all our team rituals. There is a strong team cohesion and it impacts the way we interact with our customers.

Samuel, Customer Care Manager

The tech team

The Tech team includes several professions and works in close collaboration with the Product team:

  • Engineering: the team is composed of developers and together they build, develop and maintain all our product innovations.
  • Motion: the team's role is to design and produce graphic productions incorporating video, 3D animation, special effects, sound and typography.
  • Quality Engineer: they support the Tech team to automate testing on all our product innovations to avoid bugs, improve satisfaction and velocity.
  • Security: they ensure that we respect the best cyber security standards
  • DevOps: they provide the infrastructure and tools that allow other teams to deploy and operate the platform efficiently

I have the chance to lead the technical team in a hyper-growth scale-up. The technical challenges at PlayPlay are big: producing a professional quality video rendering in the cloud while providing a simple, intuitive and powerful product with thousands of videos. It's a great front and back challenge!

Florent, Chief Technology Officer

The Marketing Team

The goal of the Marketing team is to increase awareness of PlayPlay to generate qualified leads. At PlayPlay, we are divided into two main teams:

Demand Generation :

  • Content & Communication: the team establishes the brand's content and communication strategy to communicate our value proposition to prospects in the best possible way.
  • Growth: its role is to optimize paid and SEO channels to get the most qualified inbound leads along the customer journey.

Core Marketing & Support:

  • Product Marketing: working on the alignment between our messages, our product positioning and our customer needs.
  • Brand Design: working on our visual identity.

In the marketing team, branding and creativity are at the heart of our strategy. The proof: we use our own video creation tool to communicate with our clients !

Léa, Content Marketer