LEGOS has 5 departments:

  • Engineering: responsible for creating the telecom infrastructure and technical environment for customers
  • Operations: provides 24/7 customer support
  • Sales, Product, and Marketing
  • Admin, Finance, and HR
  • Interconnection and regulation

All employees work independently and meet for weekly reviews. Lunches and monthly team parties provide opportunities for cultural exchange and relaxation.

William graduated from a French Engineering School with major in IT Network - Telecom. He joined Legos at the end of his studies as a System and Network administrator. Passionate about his work, he decided to stay and continue his career path as a Systems and Network Engineer. At that stage, a company on human scale was an important feature for William: he could clearly see the impact of his efforts, move forward with more responsibility and autonomy, and avoid complicated chains of command in hierarchical structures. What he appreciates the most at Legos is to keep growing and learning with a competent and passionate team.

Holding an Australian bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance, Matthieu joined Legos team in October 2016. Getting familiar with the Telecom environment has been an important step in order to fully understand the business Legos is involved in. His financial missions within the company involves issuing invoices, ensuring timely payment at due date and other requirements, such as VAT declaration, legal financial requirements and maintaining a positive cash flow. Being a member of the Legos team for several years now, Matthieu finds himself in a very supportive environment where he could rely on each of colleagues and working in a very positive atmosphere. According to Matthieu, his skills are valued and his particularity can make the difference at Legos.

Graduated in Electronic Engineering from Galileo University, Sergio started his career in the field of network and infrastructure in Guatemala. After 10 years of work, he decided to pursue a 2nd degree in Information Technology, where he obtained an Erasmus scholarship to go to the prestigious Université de Télécom SudParis. He came to France in 2018 and joined the Legos team for a 6 month internship. Thanks to his remarkable evolution within the team, he was hired as a System and Network Engineer for two years, and he was recently promoted to Operations Manager. As a big sports fan (Ultra-Ironman, football…), Sergio brings us lots of energy every day.