Le Collectionist

Le Collectionist

Past and future

Their story

Their story

The idea of Le Collectionist was born from an unfortunate experience of one of the partners, who had rented a flat in Barcelona on a classic rental platform. In the end, he realised that the photos were fake and that the service was not up to scratch.

Our first step was to create a portfolio of properties. We started in Saint-Tropez with 60 villas, then Ibiza and Greece. In 2017, Le Collectionist acquired Bonder in Ibiza through a new round of funding, followed by Bramble Ski in June 2021.

With this acquisition, Le Collectionist became the European leader in luxury serviced villa rentals.


Creation of the company


Fundraising of €2m


Opening of the office in Spain


Acquisition of Bonder in Ibiza


Acquisition of Bramble Ski in Switzerland


1700+ properties & 150+ employees

Their vision

📈 To become the world leader in the luxury rental sector in the short term.

We are convinced that the potential of the company lies in its ability to reveal the talents of its employees, for this reason, we work to put Human Resources at the heart of the company's performance.

Their vision

Company values

Our feedback culture offers a fulfilling and inclusive work environment that encourages skill development.

Joining Le Collectionist also means adhering to human values of knowledge sharing, collective emulation, audacity and solidarity.


Sharing to make our teams grow


Supporting and rewarding effort and results

FUN: 👨🏽💼

Having a good time at work


Being compassionate and present for others: in the good, as well as the not so good


Taking on new challenges, solving problems and making sound decisions


Delivering an unforgettable experience to our customers, owners and staff

Commitments and CSR

Le Collectionist has recently put in place a global approach which aims to take greater account of environmental, social and societal issues in all our activities. CSR will be our major challenge for 2022 by multiplying partnerships with key players in the market to improve our daily life.

Our company structures its CSR approach around 3 commitments:

🏋️♀️Favouring diversity, inclusion and the professional and personal development of employees.

💪Stimulate the search for performance

📈Value the company's image in order to strengthen attractiveness.


We are currently being audited for the B-Corp label.

Our company has strong responsible practices and extra-financial social, environmental, governance and transparency objectives:

Waste collection ♻️ Collection for humanitarian causes 🤝

Le Collectionist

We can express our values through our environmental and humanitarian actions

Le Collectionist