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IDOYA, an “entreprise à mission” since its creation and Pending B Corp since April 2022, is a consulting firm specialized in transformation and change management. IDOYA advises and supports companies, organizations and investors from all sectors, in France and internationally, in the implementation of their business transformations.

IDOYA works with senior executives, Human Resources functions and operational teams, helping them deliver the strategic ambition at all levels of the organization, right down to the day-to-day work of teams.

What they are looking for

IDOYA's consultants are united by the same entrepreneurial ambition, and convinced that it is by leading transformations in an inclusive way that tangible and sustainable results can be achieved.

The challenge that IDOYA takes up with each mission / project is to facilitate the shift from an initial intention formulated by a few… to an inspiring project that is everyone's business. Changes are then adopted instead of being endured.

Good to know

To ensure an inclusive transformation, IDOYA proposes methods / ways of working that favor listening, co-construction, and stakeholder development. An inclusivity index has been developed to assess the inclusivity of the missions that the team supports.

In addition, the co-founding partners implement transparent and horizontal management methods that are reflected in the collective decision-making process, in IDOYA’s strategic orientations and in the daily life of the firm.

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