Remote policy

Remote working is open to all IDOYA employees, from interns to the most senior team members, but is not mandatory.

Each employee is free to choose his/her own days of remote working and no planning is required in advance. The employee just has to inform his/her manager(s) if he/she will be at the office or not.

The employee decides where he/she wants to work, as long as it allows him/her to do his/her job, to participate in remote meetings and to come to the office or to clients’ offices unexpectedly if the situation requires it.

Convinced that team life and face-to-face moments contribute to consultants’ development and well-being, we encourage everyone to be at the office at least 2 days a week, to share, see and get to know each other (maybe a little more during the integration phase).

Includes 💻

  • To make remote working possible, each employee has a laptop (and a large screen if needed at the office) with "Teams" installed and a camera.
  • 50% of transport costs (Navigo passes) are reimbursed.
  • Meal tickets can be used on remote working days (but also during the weekends!).
  • To make co-construction and teamwork possible, all employees have remote access to the network with all documents, with immediate synchronization and the possibility of working together on the same document.

At IDOYA, each consultant can pick his/her preferred way of working. The hybrid mode allows us to choose our remote working days while still being at the office regularly! It's an opportunity to vary our work environment smoothly, in a trusting spirit.

Adèle Le Bideau, Junior Consultant


Our offices are located in the 9th district, with a view on the roofs of Paris, close to the department stores, Saint Lazare, Trinité d'Estienne d'Orves, Havre Caumartin and Auber stations.

We work in an open space (on a flex office mode) and have several meeting rooms available.

We have a shower room (for the most athletic ones!) and a large shared kitchen with a microwave, a kettle, a coffee machine (beans and capsules), a fridge, a water fountain...

You can go to the office every day. If you wish to work remotely, it is also possible. Your mentor will welcome you on your first day at the office (with an arrival kit!).

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