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Career development

Brevo has always given priority to internal developments when opening a new position: today, around 70% of team managers at all levels are internal promotions. Growing employees and giving them opportunities to evolve in their responsibilities is not only reserved for those who can take on the role of team manager, this is why they have set up career paths in several departments. Employees can have a clear vision of their evolution and be recognised for their contribution.

Testimonial from Alexandre, Head of Revenue Growth at Brevo, in Paris office.

Journey timeline at Brevo? I joined in 2015 as an intern, then I spent 2 years in the Marketing team, and in 2018 I joined the Revenue team, then I left Brevo and came back in November 2021.

Could you give us 3 good reasons to join Brevo?

  1. We’re an ambitious company: since 2019 and every year we’ve hired 30% of new people
  2. We care a lot about people in the company
  3. We care a lot about our customers.
  4. A typical day in your position?
  5. I spend a few hours helping solve technical issues
  6. I discuss data analysis with the CRO to determine what to do for our customers and prospects
  7. Then I figure out how to apply that knowledge practically

What was your dream job when you were a child? I wanted to be a baker; I love bread, maybe because I’m French, but I then heard I had to wake up early :)

What motivates you every day? Thanks to my job and Brevo, every day is different, I’m always excited to see what problems of the day I can solve


To help BREVOnauts to develop and grow professionally and personally, they have set up several tools and programs:

  • French and English courses for all employees
  • Unlimited access to Udemy, a learning platform
  • A performance monitoring tool
  • Weekly trainings and workshops (public speaking, management & leadership training, stress management, etc.)

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

At Brevo, they like to share many moments together; for this, they organise breakfasts (the famous MorninGreen) every month, as well as LunchinGreen and afterwork weekly. Even if they have a flexible teleworking policy, they seek to create and maintain links between all employees through several types of rituals and events, in France but also in other offices around the world