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La Rochelle, Barcelone, Bordeaux

Organization and methodologies

In a Scale Up like Sellsy, the value added to the Product is at the heart of the company's organization.

After starting with Kanban, then transitioning to Scrum, we have implemented Agile Scalability through Feature Teams, allowing us to meet our rapid growth.

These multidisciplinary and autonomous teams (Developers, Designers, QA, and Product Owners) aim to bring value to the Product with iterations of 4 weeks, facilitated by various ceremonies such as Backlog Refinement, Stand-ups, Poker Plannings, Sprint Plannings, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives.

All of this is coordinated by a cross-functional team and an agile coach to ensure cohesion, transparency, and information sharing among the teams.

Recruitment process

At Sellsy, it is crucial for us that our prospective employees can envision themselves within our company. We break down the recruitment process into 3 main stages:

Interview with the People team, which provides an overall view of Sellsy: culture, values, daily operations. Interview with an Engineering team manager. This allows the candidate to envision himself within the team and understand its organization. This stage includes a technical test. Once the test is completed, the candidate is called back for a debriefing. Meeting with our CTO to gain insight into the company's strategic vision and medium to long-term directions.