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  • Go
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  • Angular


  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
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  • Python (Data Science)
    Python (Data Science)

The right people, the right tools



"We chose to take advantage of the most powerful open-source analytics database technology on the market: ClickHouse. And to ensure the highest velocity, portability and ability to innovate without limitation, we carefully selected our programming languages: Scala for its ease of business language creation, functional programming development speed (especially in the JVM ecosystem) and portability, Angular 11 front-end for its modularity and "battery included" aspect and Go and Kubernetes (DevOps) for its practicality, portability (windows!) and rich ops ecosystem. The transformation challenge is to make the easy things easy, and the hard things possible."

Our tech teams like…

Creating solutions that don't exist yet

There are real technical and technological challenges, whether imagining new features customers need or scaling the product or the company to impact the way financial institutions work. You don't just look for fixes on the internet, you have to use logic and creativity to develop the right solutions and algorithms.

Growing with expert teams

As the company and the product evolve, we can grow with them. We don't have interchangeable people. We have our own expertise with a real desire to share, to help each other with a solution-oriented team spirit. It is the diversity of backgrounds (all types of training, doctoral students, self-taught people, work-study students, etc.), experiences and approaches that make our expertise unique. For example, we have more than 13 nationalities at Opensee. Each one of them contributes to build the most relevant solutions.

"Open" is not just a word

Management is accessible and responsive to developers. There is a strong respect for expertise, and proposals/initiatives are encouraged.

Discovering the world of finance and impacting it

There is a close collaboration between business and technology to avoid chasing unrealistic specs, and to be sure to deliver the right solutions to our customers. In fact, most product managers have dual expertise (financial and technical).

Benefit from a flexible work organization

Obviously autonomy it’s also about responsibility ;)

Working on various projects

As the product evolves rapidly, we can work on short and long term missions. There are always new solutions to build whether on the backend, frontend, or ops side.

Co-building with the client or focusing on the product

Like our developers, our clients are not interchangeable, and all come with their own specificities in terms of size, functional needs, or security. Despite this, we deliver the same product to each of our customers. It is again thanks to the close collaboration between product managers and developers that we can deliver the most adapted solutions, while maintaining a rational and consistent product. There is no shortage of work! Everyone can find his place.


In 2018, Opensee decided to tackle one of the hardest challenges of financial institutions : make simple, interactive and quick data-driven decisions leveraging their massive amounts of data and financial industry expertise. To deliver a no-compromise solution enabling to exploit huge volumes with speed and high performance at a lower cost than existing benchmarks, Opensee chose to break the status quo: Tear down down silos and challenge existing development processes Co-build a strong partnership with their clients to find together the smartest and most efficient solution. Today this fast-growing international Fintech offers a high performance solution to the major financial institutions in Paris, London and New-York, helping them overcome new risk management challenges by handling and exploiting their massive datasets.

What they are looking for

Opensee is looking for new talents with an innovative and problem-solving mindset : women and men, who see challenges as learning opportunities and want to explore and impact the financial industry, capital markets, new technologies and big data challenges.

The secret to integrate this team of senior practitioners, from both technical and financial fields, is to share your knowledge and bring your own experience. But also be a team player, proactive and with a tireless positive attitude in this very demanding and stimulating sector.

Good to know

  • All Opensee teams are currently working remotely due to this particular context.
  • In 2020 Opensee had its first Christmas lunch on Zoom to celebrate its amazing year! Opensee teams would have preferred to see each other, but security first. So a gourmet meal delivered and “Among us” game on the menu to enjoy this day together!
  • Thanks to its efforts, Opensee has been selected to be part of the open-innovation lab of Société Générale and successfully leveraged on this program to build a fruitful collaboration.
  • Opensee has been awarded in 2017 at the "Concours d'innovation numérique" in the Fintech category, sponsored by the French State to support the best innovative projects in digital transformation.
  • In 2018, Opensee has also been chosen by BPIFrance to be 1 of the 6 start-ups to represent France at the International SME Forum on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal.

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