FinTech/InsurTech, Macrodatos, TI/Digital

Paris, England, London, Londres, Puteaux


Opensee has decided to tackle one of the major challenges facing financial institutions: making the most informed decisions as quickly and easily as possible.

How can they do that? By exploiting all of their data.

Opensee, with its finance and deep tech experts, offers banks and asset managers simple, instant access to their massive data (in Tera) and breaks the status quo:

  • By breaking down silos,
  • By challenging existing processes,
  • By establishing solid partnerships with its customers to develop the most appropriate solutions.

Today, this fast-growing international fintech offers a high-performance solution to major financial institutions in Paris, London and New York.

What they are looking for

Opensee is looking for new talents with an innovative and solution-oriented mindset that sees challenges as learning opportunities.

The secret to joining this team of seasoned practitioners from both technical and financial sectors is to share your knowledge and bring your own experience is a collaborative, proactive and positive way.

Good to know

  • In 2022, Opensee raised €11 million in Series A founding round.
  • Since its creation, Opensee has received several awards recognising its leading position in the financial technology market.
  • Headquartered in Paris, this international fintech employs more than 90 people worldwide, and brings together more than 26 different nationalities in its teams.

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