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💻 Equipment

Just tell us what you need!

🛴 Sustainable Mobility Pass

You walk/ride? You’ll benefit from our monthly Pass


Everyone gets company stocks. How cool is it to be shareholder of its own company...

🤩 People care

Our purpose is to save lives, we then pay the greatest attention to our own people, with regular treats & events organized by our happiness manager

🌄 Remote

Up to 60% (3 days a week)

🏰 Office

We have a beautiful office “rue du Louvre” (between Chatelet & Bourse)

Career development

Honesty? We are too small to have career paths. But our fast-paced internal growth gives you tremendous opportunities

  • We frequently create new positions in each department

  • We frequently reconsider departments’ organization to better fit your new developed skills/wishes and the newly recruited skills

Some of the 1st Implicity colleagues fast tracked from « interns or junior » to « Head of » positions. We’re definitely looking for the next managers generation. So if you feel like fast tracking your path in a caring and entrepreneur environment, I guess that’s a very good idea to join us.

Communication is very easy and fluid at Implicity. You can at any moment express your wishes. You’ll be listened, and we’ll do our best to transform your aspirations into reality.

We invested in a senior “Head of People” at a very early stage of the company to make sure everyone feel supported in their professional projects.

The Annual Appraisal is an exchange moment, when main focus is clearly on your well-being and your professional development.

The Annual Salary Review follows few weeks later, and it is a very pragmatic exercise based on your performance / how key you became / your growth potential / what’s the market like.

Testimonial from Edouard Bustin, Head of Sales Europe

I am Edouard Bustin, 30, Head of Sales Europe. I graduated from EBS in 2015 and joined Implicity in November 2017, as the 8th employee, when Implicity was just about to launch the 1st version of the platform.

Joining an early-stage Start-Up means being ready to try, doubt, fail, work far beyond your job description, but eventually gets the taste of success.

I obviously grew 10 times quicker in such an entrepreneurial but caring and supportive environment. I structured the Sales activity by identifying our targets, sharpening our speech, making sure we have the right tools to work efficiently. I recruited our salesforce, and spent a lot of time in medical centers to present our great platform to medical teams.

I was there for every single contract signed with European medical centers in the past 4 years, and my greatest pride is that none of them left us…

Today, I manage a team of 4 people, frequently travel in the most renowned hospitals in Europe. My deep knowledge of our solution and the history of the company makes me an active member in the CoDir, always ready for new growth challenges.

Implicity took a real bet on me when I was offered to build the whole QMS & the Regulatory Affairs architecture, right after my graduation. Today I'm 27, I manage a team of 4 people, working on about 10 country regulations.

Caroline Florequin, Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs.


Sharing environment

We fully trust everyone to make the appropriate choices in the balance “delivering in the short run” and “develop skills for the long run”.

You’ll always get the liberty to take the appropriate time to pass on knowledge / upgrade your skills, and contribute to our sharing environment.

  • Access to infos is very easy at Implicity though our well-organized Notion / Slack / Dropbox combo
  • Weekly 1 hour company meeting: from the CEO to interns, everyone is invited to share its latest news
  • Our greatest daily training = lunch all together… At Implicity, you’ll find the greatest experts always willing to take time to share their passion

Care in the “onboarding”

Besides the caring & welcoming atmosphere, we pay a great attention to build a structured onboarding program to fasten your successes amongst us.

  • You’ll just be guided to meet about 15 experts to deeply understand our scientific, tech, data, and business challenges
  • We have dedicated and exhaustive Notion pages
  • You’ll soon experience our new “Onboarding tool” that will help us to reach the “best in class onboarding program”

Training plan

  • Our Annual Appraisal is clearly focused on your development
  • We measure internal satisfaction through “Pulse surveys” twice a year
  • We have a very natural “feedback” culture, and are planning to launch regular 360° evaluations

Skills / Development / Training is absolutely the n° 1 HR challenge for 2022-2023

We plan to (and already started) to:

  • Subscribe to an exhaustive and online training library, with full access for every employee
  • Build strong “training paths” for each department
  • Raise training spendings by 5 in the next 2 years, carefully organized the Head of People

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Work hard…

  • 1h team meeting every Monday, with EVERYONE. You’re all invited to share infos, news, successes, etc. > Weekly 1:1 with your manager
  • 1 off-site meeting meeting / year with everyone
    • 1 off-site meeting / year / department

…Play hard

  • Daily breakfast (or so), brought by anyone > Weekly afterwork on Thursday > Annual year-end party
  • Lots of personal initiatives: monthly « climb & beer », board games evenings, team cooking events, etc.

We are partnering with « Windoo » whose motto is « make the professional environment a place for personal development ». Sample of actions:

  • Monthly massage at the office
  • Monthly personal development training (feedback, time management, organization, etc.)
  • Bubble foot, urban foot, fitness, etc.

In a nutshell, we’re a Scale-Up ▶️ every single excuse is fine to celebrate and have a good time together (with a looot of decoration!)