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Have fun 🌟

Join legendary company parties, quarterly team events and weekly drinks in the office.

Get fit with free yoga classes and with a premium gym membership at a discounted rate.

Book amazing vacation rentals with a company discount to make the most out of your well deserved vacations

Be flexible 🌟

Meet with your team in the office on one or two days per week. On all other days, you are free to choose to work from home or from the office.

Work from abroad for multiple weeks per year, either from one of our amazing regional offices or from many other possible destinations.

Arrange your working hours flexibly to best accommodate the different aspects of your professional and personal life.

Have an impact 🌟

Work on a product that helps more than 100 million users each year have great vacations and thousands of vacation rental owners become even better hosts.

Be part of one of the fastest growing scale-ups in Europe and of a strong team that combines startup spirit with a high degree of professionalism.

Use the latest technologies to solve difficult problems and continuously challenge the status quo to stay at the forefront of the travel industry.

Learn and grow 🌟

Make use of the many career opportunities that result from Holidu’s strong growth and try out new things by assuming different roles in the company over time.

Keep learning through a vast offering of internal and external trainings and through regular personal feedback.

Spend an additional 500€ personal development budget at your full discretion on books, conferences, coachings and more.

Career development

In Holidu-Bookiply, we have clear guidelines on how we deal with career development. We have 8 career levels, from Junior to VP / C-level. We have a promotion process that happens during the annual reviews with different promotion criterias  based on results, knowledge, values and leadership. Everything is documented and accessible to everyone who works in the company

Testimonial from Paula Martinez, Head of Sales & Account Manager Iberia

Paula joined Bookiply in October 2017 as Account Manager for Spain and France. After having worked in France for over 6 years as sales manager and finishing an MBA in the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris, she moved to Munich and helped open new markets for Bookiply. In February 2019 se became Team Lead for the Andalusian market, leading a team of 4 sales managers and 2 account managers. After a maternity leave, she took the responsibility of all Spanish and Portuguese teams in April 2021, which grew from 4 to 8 local offices in May 2022, and changed her location to the Barcelona Bookiply office.

I am very proud of having witnessed our growth from the first row, working everyday with brilliant people and learning so much along the way. Things go so fast here that every 3 months feels like 3 years!

Paula Martinez, Head of Sales & Account Manager Iberia


At Holidu & Bookiply, we want to learn, develop and grow further at all times.

We believe that the most effective training happens on the job and through interactions and trainings with our colleagues. In addition, external input can be helpful for certain learning goals.

We offer different learning & training opportunities for everyone:

  • On-the-Job Learning, e.g. internal knowledge exchange, meetups, workshops & trainings, Leadership Academy, off-sites etc.

  • Events at Holidu & Bookiply with external trainers & speakers for various specialist topics and leadership training

- Individual learning & self-study platform with Learnerbly, e.g. e-learning, courses, videos & webinars, books etc. 


Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Company Events:

1 - 2 / year organized by HR where the whole company is encouraged to participate (Summer Party, X-Mas Party, Oktoberfest, OKR Events, Financing round parties, Kicker-Tournament, etc.)

Team Events:

4 per year organized by the team lead where one team is encouraged to participate (Team escape the room, bowling, team dinner, "green" events, etc.)

Activities together:

Activities that are fully voluntary and may be attractive only for a certain group of Holidudes with special interests. Can be organized by anyone (and we love it!) (Watch Champions League, play football, go on one-day Ski-Trip, etc.)

Friday beers:

On Fridays, we finish at 5pm and we celebrate the end of the week