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Past and future

Their story

Their story

The idea for Holidu was born when Johannes and Michael Siebers were trying to book a vacation rental for a surfing trip to Portugal. The brothers spent hours browsing through dozens of websites to find the right accommodation and were frustrated that some of the rentals were offered on multiple websites for different prices. In July 2014 they founded Holidu to finally make the search and booking of vacation rentals easy. Soon after, the Holidu website was helping millions of travelers find their perfect vacation rental for the lowest price.

The growing team behind Holidu realized that in order to truly accomplish the mission, they needed a solution for vacation rental owners as well. Therefore, they launched Bookiply, an independent software and service solution that helps vacation rental owners multiply their bookings with less work. Bookiply distributes their properties to the largest travel websites, synchronizes calendars, and creates multilingual descriptions as well as professional photos. A team of experts takes over traveler communication and helps owners maximize revenues.


Johannes and Michel Siebers found Holidu


Bookiply is founded for the home owners


Holidu reached 40 million unique users


Bookiply becomes Premier partner


More than 10.000 properties in Europe use Bookiply


Bookiply exceeds 100 employees

Their vision

Our vision is to become the go-to platform for vacation rentals by dramatically improving the experience for travellers and homeowners.

Their vision

Company values

These values are at the heart of our culture and guide our daily activities and strategic decisions.

We are hungry but humble

We set ourselves ambitious goals to provide real value to our customers. We work hard to achieve our aims, while continuously challenging our status quo and striving to constantly improve our service as well as ourselves.

We win as a team

We believe in the power of a diverse team, in which all of us work together and each one of us takes ownership of their individual contributions. When we pair proactivity and creativity with trust and freedom, we will accomplish amazing things together.

We focus on the customer

As passionate travelers ourselves, we want to make a real difference for our customers. We put our customer first in every decision and seek to be genuinely helpful. We listen to customers, partners and colleagues to serve them in a transparent and friendly manner.

We love technology

We believe in the power of technology to solve almost any problem. To provide our customers with the best possible user experience, we build our own technology and leverage machine learning.

Commitments and CSR

Sustainability at Holidu

Sustainability at Holidu

We only have one earth, and all people deserve to live well and fairly on it, now and in the future. We as a company are committed to sustainable development. With our passion for travel and technology, we continuously look for innovative solutions and implement them as a team.


  • Holidu is climate neutral. All CO2 emissions generated are compensated for.
  • We are a member of the Leaders For Climate Action Community to raise awareness of the importance of climate action.
  • We award sustainable vacation accommodations with the “Eco” label so that travelers can easily choose environmentally friendly accommodations.
  • A dedicated Climate Squad team at Holidu has been driving sustainable activities since October 2019.
  • We regularly implement projects to act even more sustainable together. From Go Green challenges to hackathons to find sustainable solutions with our tech expertise.
  • We avoid business travel. For essential travel, we follow our Green Travel Policy.