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Past and future

Their story

Their story

The Brigad application was created in 2016 and allows self-employed professionals to choose missions from a range of offers every day. The product was widely adopted by the industry; company requests and the community of talents grew very quickly.

In 2020, the company branched out to the healthcare industry to support organisations affected by the COVID crisis, and Brigad officially became a social enterprise, whose purpose is to “make work attractive and accessible to all”.

Today, over 10,000 talents and 3,000 establishments use Brigad’s platform. By continuing to promote, accompany, and stand up for self-employed professionals, Brigad offers a whole generation of talents the possibility to embrace their career and build the future world of work that businesses are calling out for.


Creation of Brigad


Brigad becomes a social enterprise

10 000

Number of self-employed professionals on the platform as of 2021


Number of employees

Company values

We strive to build a healthy, balanced, and inclusive work environment so that our staff and partners are happy and fulfilled. People join Brigad to take part in building tomorrow's world of work and have a positive impact on our community and wider society. We are committed to creating special events between colleagues outside of work. From karaoke nights to cookery workshops, yoga sessions and so much more, there is seemingly never a week at Brigad without something going on, and our employees really enjoy our professional yet fun work environment.

BRAVE 🧑🏻‍💼

The community of passionate professionals that we represent have chosen to be the driving force of their own careers in demanding, service-oriented jobs. We owe it to them to display the same bravery in daring to carry out our mission of making their work attractive and turning the status quo on its head.

CARE 👨🏽‍💼

It's the care we show to others so that we all work as one team, and the care we put into every detail so that we are continuously moving forward. We also care about the ambitions and values that guide our decisions. It's all about knowing that what we do counts.

ENJOY 👨🏼‍💼

Job satisfaction is what makes work a vocation. Our job is to make that happen, because making work attractive is also about making it fulfilling.


The talents on Brigad and the businesses they support are essential to us. At Brigad, we measure our success by the positive impact that our actions have on individual careers and the industry as a whole.