Cécile Pichon

Career transitions coach & psychologist

Áreas de especialización
Orientación laboral
Evolución profesional
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“Growing your business is good, but supporting the professional development of men and women is even better.” This is the motto that inspired Cécile Pichon to become a career coach after beginning her own career as an HR manager for a startup. But truth be told, it had been on her mind ever since finishing her studies. After a master’s degree in organisational psychology and specialisation in human resources, her coaching career was always in the works. Early on, Cécile set herself the goal of caring for “people in their natural environment.” In other words, she wanted to support people where they spend most of their time—at work. Her time spent in HR development and recruitment was vital to the journey she would soon undertake. And while Cécile knows that total separation between work and home life is impossible, she laments that the former often causes suffering due to boredom, stress, toxic relationships, frustration and more. She believes in its potential for enrichment, sharing and self-actualisation.
 For her, the best way to transform the workplace is to support individuals at defining moments in their careers. And we get it—Cécile helps others set off on new professional adventures, ensuring a smooth transition so they can thrive and stay the course.

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