Rust Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Possible full remote

The company



    The job

    Rust Engineer

    • Permanent contract 
    • Possible full remote


    Zama’s mission is to bring end-to-end encryption to AI. Using their homomorphic development framework, companies can process their customer’s data without seeing it, thereby preventing data breaches and surveillance.

    Zama’s solution is based on a breakthrough in homomorphic encryption, which enables doing data science and machine learning on encrypted data. Zama is open-source by design, as they believe privacy-enabling technologies should benefit the widest possible community of developers and researchers.

    Zama’s cofounders are Dr Pascal Paillier, one of the most renowned cryptography researchers, and Dr Rand Hindi, a serial entrepreneur who formerly founded Snips.

    Not familiar with FHE technology? Read our 6 minute introduction to end to end encryption

    Job description

    Your team is writing and maintaining an open-source cryptographic library in Rust. You will contribute in making it fast, reliable and polished. The library is intended for growing with new cryptographic algorithms, new hardware implementations, etc. Your job will be to ensure that those new algorithms are correctly integrated in the library. Your main tasks would be to:

    • design an efficient and user friendly API for a cryptographic library
    • enhance the performances of the library with hardware or software optimizations
    • write benchmarks and test code for the cryptographic operations
    • enhance the quality of the library delivery with continuous integration

    Preferred experience

    The knowledge or Rust is not mandatory for the job, but you should verify the following:

    • experience with one or many of (Ocaml/Haskell/Scala/C++/C), and a strong interest for Rust
    • into open sourcing
    • into contributing to the Rust community
    • willing to discover cryptography
    • communication skills
    • full remote is possible, but you should be in a european timezone

    Recruitment process

    Our process is described in detail here:

    Meet the team

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