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London, Madrid, Milan, N/a, New York, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Vancouver

Fabrice is the founder of YOOBIC, along with his brothers Gilles and Avi. With a background in consulting at McKinsey, and a successful exciting startup already under his belt, he is passionate about bringing mobile technologies to brands and retailers.

Vital joined YOOBIC as a project manager intern during his studies at Supelec, more than 3 year ago. He enjoyed so much his job that he came back right after his graduation and he never regretted his choice !

Since then, he’s been in charge of the Customer Success team in London and Paris, whose target is to make sure all clients across the world are satisfied with the plateform.

He has had to organize and manage an ever growing team to make sure they address the diverse needs of wide range of companies.

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and Ecole Normale Superieur, Michael is a data-scientist in the research and development team.

He joined YOOBIC 3 years ago as an intern. Today, he uses state of the art technologies to develop new features in the domain of image analysis.

The team he is part of focuses on improving our technology and acquiring new ones by dealing with current research problems. They daily read research papers, implemment new solutions or adapt existing projects to our use cases specifications.

After completing her dual-degree from École Centrale Paris / ESSEC, Sophie joined YOOBIC when it was still a young company.

Working in a commercial role, she collaborated closely with the CEO, Fabrice Haiat, and the other members of the sales team to develop the French market by specialising the team on specific industries and sectors.

After three years at YOOBIC, she is now a squad leader and her challenge for 2019 is to extend the business into Italy !

Virginia is our Head of US Expansion, working closely with our CEO on growing and developing both the team and our clients in North America. In her almost 2 years with YOOBIC, she held Sales roles in London before moving to New York. Prior to YOOBIC Virginia was a Senior Brand Manager with L’Oreal, so brings a wealth of experience on the beauty industry with her to YOOBIC.

Leslie is Head of Customer Implementation with YOOBIC. She heads up a team of Talented Project Managers working to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. Prior to YOOBIC, Leslie led worldwide projects with LVMH brands, notably the implementation of streamlined systems and processes.


YOOBIC is a Digital Workplace for frontline teams enabling companies to empower their employees, wherever they are, through digitally optimised communication, microlearning and task management. The YOOBIC platform gives frontline teams all the tools they need to be happy and productive, in the palm of their hands

Based in London, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv and Milan with over 100 employees, YOOBIC is used by 200+ brands and retailers across the world, including Peloton, Kate Spade, Boots (Walgreens Boots Alliance), Lacoste, Peugeot, Domino’s Pizza, Puma, and Kenzo.

We have 17 different nationalities and more than 10 languages are spoken in our offices. We offer an inclusive, multi-cultural environment, where everyone is encouraged and empowered to make their impact as our company continues to grow its global footprint. We produce excellence, we take pride in the work we do, we are committed to make our team and our clients as successful as possible.

To learn more about working at YOOBIC, check us out here

What they are looking for

At YOOBIC, they are looking for people with problem-solving and perseverance capability in an ever-changing and growing environment. We look for individuals that are proactive and willing to take ownership and responsibilities.

They want their teammates to strive for excellence, take pride in the work they do and to be passionate about making our team and their clients as successful as possible.

Finally, they look for talents that have the ability to receive and give constructive feedback as well as an aptitude to learn from others, putting ego aside.

Good to know

They have a sport club which organises sport events 2 days a week (Football, Badminton, Volleyball) and we go for monthly team luches! We also love going out for a few pints at our local pub/bistrot on random days.

Here at YOOBIC, they think it’s important to examine what shapes our company culture. That's why they incorporate these 5 core values, and the behaviours that drive them, into everything we do:

People Growth = Company Growth

  • Constant commitment to learning - Taking ownership of our work and ideas - Being passionate about what we do

Obsessed with Innovation

  • Encouraging creative thinking - Having the agility to adapt to new challenges - Paying attention to detail

Strength from Diversity

  • Creating an inclusive environment - Showing empathy - Trusting each other

No Ego

  • Transparency in our operations - Flexibility - Working as a team - Listening more than we talk

No Pain, No Gain

  • Showing grit - Consistency in all we do - Being positively competitive

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