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Laetitia has a rich and atypical background, having held various positions across sectors and in multiple countries. After a literary preparatory class and studies in communication and press relations, she joined a press agency.

Laetitia began her career as a Press Attaché at Cordiane before becoming Marketing and Communication Director at Salad&Co, a Mulliez group company.

Laetitia then moved overseas to teach French as a Foreign Language (FLE) for three years in Italy and two years in Germany. She is fluent in Italian and German, in addition to French and English.

On her return in February 2019, she joined YesWeHack as an Office Manager. A true orchestra woman, she holds a key transversal position for the smooth running of YesWeHack.

Young ethical leader Guillaume is passionate about cybersecurity, former CISO of Qwant (European search engine).

Guillaume quickly understood the importance and interest of this new emerging market that is cybersecurity. He quickly thought of the foundations of the YesWeHack platform, of its virtuous operation, based on ethical values of protection of information systems, and he ensures the independence of NGOs, media, and other global players.

President then vice-president of the Hackerzvoice association until 2020, Guillaume is involved in the organisation of the HACK event (formerly the Night of Hack). He thought of YesWeHack in 2013 and founded the company in 2015.

Selim first obtained a Bachelor's degree in Management at the University of Paris-Dauphine and then, following a first professional experience in IT, continued his career as an apprentice, with a Master 2 in Information Systems Management at the University of Paris-Dauphine.

During this apprenticeship, Selim worked as a project manager for the Natixis group, within the framework of the deployment of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. With a first experience in the field of cybersecurity, he then decided to pursue this path that he was - and still is - passionate about, by joining the consulting firm Harmonie Technologie, which specialised in the field. After two years of various missions with organisations in the banking sector, he met Romain Lecoeuvre (CTO and co-founder of YesWeHack) in early 2019, who then offered him to join the adventure as Customer Success Manager.

Selim has helped all YesWeHack's clients implement their bug bounty and VDP projects for more than two years. He has advised numerous organisations of various sizes and industries and has followed the launch and development of several hundred bug bounty programs.

She has a science PO prep program, a Master 1 in Business at EDHEC (Lille), and an MBA in sustainable development management (Paris). She completed her studies with a 6-month business training in Chile.

She started her professional career at Vinci Aéroport with an internship at the end of her studies, then joined Amazon (Ireland) as a Seller Support Associate, then as a trainer for the new Seller Support.

She then joined the BATIPRO group in the professional real estate sector as a project manager. Then she joined the GRANDDE network (sustainable development) as coordinator of circular economy/industrial ecology projects and network management.

She had the opportunity to be confronted with the challenges of Cybersecurity and decided to join the digital community by integrating NWX (Normandie Web Expert) Normandy Digital Association and strengthening her knowledge of the digital world. During conferences, she met Guillaume Vassault-Houlière and joined YESWEHACK in September 2018.

Romain has a Bac +2 in website development and specialises in developing mobile sites and applications. He started his professional career as a developer in web agencies in Paris. After four years, Romain joined forces with his colleagues to launch his own site to facilitate the management of event invitations "VIVENT". He met Guillaume Vassault-Houlière, the founder of YesWeHack, in the digital eco-system of Normandy. His passion for cybersecurity and Guillaume's values quickly paved the way for Romain to join YesWeHack.

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Businesses of all sizes are catalysing a digital mindset to accelerate their transformation, and a secure digital environment is now the foundation of growth. However, Cyber threats are constantly increasing, and traditional approaches and tools are not equipped to deal with the sophisticated attacks.

YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to cybersecurity through its bug bounty platform. We connect more than 30,000 Cybersecurity Experts or “ethical hackers" across 170 countries with organisations of all sizes and industries to secure their exposed perimeters and search for vulnerabilities (bugs) in their websites, mobile applications, infrastructure and connected objects. By mobilising collective intelligence and rewarding vulnerability researchers, YesWeHack is at the forefront of addressing the growing shortage of cybersecurity skills - one of the significant challenges of the coming decades.

Our story began in 2015 when our founder Guillaume Vassault-Houlière was inspired by the power and potential of the words “Yes, we can". Today YesWeHack is the best bug bounty and VDP platform in Europe, with offices in France (Paris, Rennes, Rouen), Switzerland (Lausanne) and Singapore and more than a hundred key account customers. With the second round of funding of €16 million in 2021, YesWeHack is rapidly expanding in the European and Asian markets.

The company has strong recognition and legitimacy among cybersecurity experts (Cybertaskforce, FNTC, ACN, Pôle d'Excellence Cyber, etc.). Moreover, YesWeHack actively participates in the ecosystem, notably by taking part since its inception in the organisation of the "Hack" (formerly Nuit du Hack), a prominent French hacking event.

What they are looking for

At YesWeHack, we have built a strong work culture that is not only fun and engaging but values creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy.

We are looking for people who are passionate about cybersecurity, revel in solving the challenges of a start-up in an emerging market, and follow through on their commitments by helping make things happen. Personal skills such as autonomy, benevolence, a sense of responsibility and teamwork are essential.

We have a team of competent, multidisciplinary, dynamic experts ready to welcome you.

Good to know

We’ll high-five you if

  • Enjoy sharing a moment at the local pub.
  • Be addicted to "WarGames".
  • Assume your superpower, even if it is useless.
  • Love to give goodies to everyone.
  • Colour outside the lines and live on your terms.
  • And most importantly, be able to explain the bug bounty to your grandmother.

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