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Reka Kocs joined Wingly in September 2020. She contributes to Wingly's success by ensuring that the right marketing channels are used to reach the right people with the right content. She is currently working on expanding Wingly's presence in Austria and Switzerland. She loves her dog, her yoga sessions with colleagues, walks in Paris and travelling around Europe.

Dovydas Gutparakis is from Lithuania and joined Wingly in 2017 after studying in Denmark. He contributes to Wingly’s success by working as a Product designer. He aims at delivering a delightful user experience for pilots and passengers. He loves flying, photography and can not imagine a day without music.

Emeric de Waziers began at the age of 12 his pilot training and became a pilot at 15. A 2016 graduate of France's elite Polytechnique University and a passionate entrepreneur, Emeric de Waziers took the first steps that led to the creation of Wingly. Always looking for new challenges and insights, he wants to spread and democratise the excitement of flying. A passionate sportsman, he also enjoys skiing, kitesurfing and skydiving.


Wingly has two missions: accelerating the digital transitions of private aviation and accelerating the ecological transition of aviation. We thrive to make aviation a sustainable and accessible mean of transportation in Europe. Today, with its first product, Wingly is Europe’s leading flight-sharing platform and first platform to sell electric flights available to the public. They connect private pilots with passengers so they can share the cost and the passion of the flight. Founded in July 2015, they have already connected tens of thousands of people, making flying accessible again.

What they are looking for

With nine nationalities in around thirty people, Wingly is an international team passionate about collaborative economy and wants to democratize light aviation while making it sustainable. Wingly hires talents serving its growth and looking to join an intense human adventure.

Good to know

We work hard but are also open to fun with our team activities like weekly afterworks, team events and even flights aboard light aircraft and helicopters. Our HQ is located in the trendy district of Paris, it is the best served arrondissement in the whole capital.

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