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Vizzit is the first search service that regroups all property listings in real time and for free.

Our aim ? To give you access to the entirety of the real estate market and to put an end to long and painful, classic real estate research.

Why Vizzit ? On Vizzit you will find all the real estate listings, even the ones that are not on any other real estate portals. We give you a superpower : to be the 1st one to visit We index real estate listings as soon as they are published on the internet. You get the alert before everyone else.

Download our iOS/Android apps or access our service on!

They are still looking for talented people who would like to join them and help in this project

What they are looking for

They are looking for people with an ambitious profile, who are not afraid to dare, and would like to take part in an intense human adventure!

An entrepreneurial mindset, along with agility, team spirit and independence are all indispensable qualities to join the team.

Good to know

⛵ Teamwork and individual contribution: they are very involved in our projects and they work together to progress in the best way possible.

🚀 Test & Learn: they regularly test their dozens of ideas, some of which will be taken further, others will put aside so as to continuously improve our products.

🎉 Work hard, play hard: they are committed to their projects while organizing regular afterworks and aperos.

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