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Tulyp is a SaaS fintech that allows SMEs to secure and finance their international transactions when they import or export to more than 60 countries.

The company positions itself as a trusted third party to guarantee transactions and protect stakeholders against payment, fraud and counterparty risks for international trade players.

The platform centralizes partner services that make up the international trade value chain.

What they are looking for

  • Curious: the world is their playground, it is important to listen to it to understand their interlocutors and their issues,
  • Solidarity: they share their knowledge and grow together,
  • Integrity: they respect stakeholders and demonstrate ethics in their activities,
  • Transparent: they create trust with their teams, customers and partners,
  • Pragmatic: they adapt to each situation, whatever it is !
  • Tenacious: they don’t give up!

Good to know

Tulyp is a young and innovative company whose openness and ambition have only the limits of our planet Earth!

The co-founders are attentive to the quality of life at work, they create an atmosphere to empower employees like in a learning society where errors are allowed to progress better.

Their mascot is named "Miel", an adorable little dog that accompanies the team at the office.

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