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Tilak Healthcare

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You play, we care.

Chronic diseases affect more than 25% of the worldwide population and 60% of these patients requires individuals and personalized care.

Following them closely and adapting their treatment to the evolution of their pathology to improve their quality of life has become a major challenge.

Tilak Healthcare develop a new form of digital medicine : medicinal video games to monitor the progress of patients with chronic diseases from a distance.

Created in 2016, Tilak is a unique video game studio where passionate professional and medical expert are working together to provide the best possible experience for connected health.

What they are looking for

At Tilak, future employees believe in the therapeutic power of video games or, more generally, entertainment, and have the desire and energy to create the future of digital medicine. You play, we care.

By joining the team, they will be dynamic, open, hardworking and demanding, that are essential to join an ambitious and innovative project.

Good to know

The playstation 4 is not a decoration, it is work tool. Thursday beer: weekly meeting at the bar on Thursdays (because Friday is overrated).

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